Why Are Pickup Trucks So Popular in the US?

by Maisie

If you live in the US, you must know why pickup trucks are popular in the USA. And if you are new here, you must have at least seen a good number of pickups on the road, in parking lots, and even in your neighborhood. Meanwhile, if you try to find out more information about the pickup trucks online, you will see that the sales of these light-duty trucks are a lot more than the other four-wheel segments, and it also tops the list of most preferred four-wheelers by workers/skilled laborers.

So if you are wondering why the US people are so obsessed or say they favor this kind of vehicle over sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs, you have to understand a little bit of the history of this country. The history of the automobile industry (in America) and pickup trucks are linked. And today, you can see how much people (young and old) love this vehicle segment.

So to know more about the benefits of pickup trucks and why people love this light-duty vehicle, read on, and you will not be surprised.

What Is a Pickup Truck?

Pickups are (exactly) what you imagine when you hear their name. It is a vehicle that has a bed at the rear, and at the front, you can seat the driver and two passengers. And this is not the semi-truck or box truck, just the pickup truck.

You can get pickups in four sizes such as:

  • Heavy-duty
  • Full-size
  • Mid-size
  • Mini, small or compact

So, what are the reasons that made these trucks so famous in the US?

Good Visibility

A standard car has a few blind spots, and that’s because of the smaller windshield and the seating position, but it’s not the case with trucks. When you are inside the truck, you can view (clearly) whatever direction you look. This is also the reason these trucks are not involved in many accidents.

Comfy Ride Height

When your vehicle has a higher seating position, it’s like sitting on a tree stand, and a clear vision and relaxed driving result from this feature. You can also adjust the seating height for a more comfortable position, and this feature makes the driver more confident and relaxed.

Best for Off-Roading

If you have seen pickups in action, you know how good they are at off-roading. The vehicle is an All-Wheel Drive (AWD), which means all the wheels are connected to the engine and spin on their own, and can manage the rotation speed depending on the climb or terrain.

And if you and your friends are in for an adventurous trip, pickup is the right choice since going through different terrains, and water bodies will be a piece of cake for you if you are driving this vehicle.

Best for Cargo

The big bed in the back of the pickup can carry what three sedans can, or even more if you are a pro at packing things. And whether you are three people or six (in another standard car), you can pack all of their camping gear in a single pickup, and this is the main reason why campers love this vehicle.

Tow Trailers or Boats

If you think carrying the cargo is what it does best, you are wrong. The pickups are so powerful that they can tow a boat or even a trailer. And you don’t need to modify or refine your truck’s engine to boost the power; the normal horsepower is enough to tow the boat/trailer.

Fuel Efficiency Is Better Than Before

Back in the day, these pickups used to consume a lot of gas, but the latest tech has improved the fuel efficiency of the trucks. And nowadays, most trucks can go 30 mpg.

Great for Moving

Pickups can move a lot of things at once, and you can move almost all the items of the house with just three or four back-to-back trips. Meanwhile, if you wish to know more information on the alternative to using your pickup, then you must understand that the options are renting a box truck or carrier truck, which will cost you more than using your own vehicle for the purpose.

Safety Is Higher Than in Standard Cars/SUVs

Pickups are much heavier and larger than regular cars, and the body is studier which lessens the impact of the collision. So if you look at the picture where pickups collided with other cars, you will understand the strength of the metal frame and how it protects the people inside.

These are some of the main reasons people choose pickup trucks over other vehicles. Meanwhile, some of the additional benefits are:

  • More space inside (passengers).
  • Engine lasts longer.
  • Easier to repair/maintain.
  • Comfy drive with great suspensions and bigger tires on a bumpy road.
  • Better ground clearance.
  • Higher resale value.
  • Steady performance.

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