What you should know before getting a Bengal cat

by Maisie

We talk about character, behavior, care and feeding.

General Info

Name of breed: Bengal cat (Bengal).

Country of Origin: United States.

Weight: up to 7-8 kg.

Height at withers: up to 30-33 cm.

Average life expectancy: 13-15 years.

What Bengal Cats Look Like

Domestic Bengals are a hybrid of wild cats native to Asia and common domestic purrs of different breeds. Their history began in the United States in the 20th century, and now they are popular all over the world.

These animals look a lot like their feral relatives and look like miniature copies of leopards and other predators. The body of domestic Bengal cats is elongated, muscular and strong, the paws are powerful, and the head is large with expressive eyes and not very large and rounded at the tips of the ears.

The coloration of these cats can be different. The basic background is usually golden or silver with a spotted or marbled pattern in a dark color. At the same time, the fur of the animals is short, dense, soft, silky and pleasant to the touch. Check website

What is the character of a Bengal cat

Bengals are quite active, curious and playful animals. Moreover, this character is manifested in them not only at a young age, but throughout life. Therefore, it is necessary to educate the kitten from childhood, so that over time it will not turn into an uncontrollable pet.

Animals of this breed are very intelligent. Thus, after special training, Bengals can perform simple commands, such as sit, paw and even fetch objects. “Learn” they are able to themselves, so that without much difficulty open the doors of cabinets and nightstands.

How Bengal Cats Get along with Adults

Such pets are sociable, get attached to people and are eager to make contact. They like to be in human company, follow their master around the apartment with interest and do not ignore everything that is going on.

Alone such cats are bored and absolutely sincerely rejoice at their family members’ return home. And if you just ignore them for a long time, for sure, they will remind you about themselves with their meowing and will insistently demand their attention.

How do Bengal cats get along with children?

Playful and affectionate cats will get along well with younger family members and often act as companions in their games. They don’t tend to be aggressive and are more likely to retreat if they aren’t in the mood for companionship. Although with children who do not yet understand that they do not have a live toy, it is better not to leave them. After all, bengals can, for example, scratch the young owners, trying to escape from too strong an embrace.

How Bengal cats get along with other animals

Bengals are born predators. Therefore, they cannot make friends with parrots and hamsters, and simply perceive them as potential victims. As for dogs and other cats, representatives of this breed get along well with them and practically do not conflict.

What kind of living conditions Bengal cats need

Bengals are energetic and active cats that need exercise. To provide the necessary level of activity, it is best to install a full playground with shelves and poles for such an animal. So the Bengal cat will be able to throw out its energy and will not get bored. Although, even if it has its own play center, the restless cat will certainly explore all the cabinets, nightstands and shelves in your apartment.

Also the cat will appreciate the balls, mice and other toys, with which you can play and frolic. You may need a scratching post to protect your pet’s furniture from sharp claws.

To diversify the leisure time of the pet, you can take him for walks. It is best to take Bengal on a harness, so he does not accidentally run away. Do not let it go unattended: it may get lost, injured or infected if it comes into contact with animals on the streets.

Bengal cats, like others, are curious and have a passion for hunting. Therefore, it is advisable to put special bars on the windows. This will help keep the pet from falling out of the window while jumping for a passing bird or a falling leaf.

How to feed a Bengal cat

What diet to choose for your pet is up to you. The easiest option is to give the cat ready-made food, which can be wet (canned) and dry. It is better to choose full-fat products of well-known brands. This food has all the necessary trace elements, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Choose ready-made foods should be based on age: there are separate menus for kittens and adult representatives. There is also a special food for spayed, pregnant and lactating cats, for those suffering from allergies and other diseases.

In addition, you can feed your pet with natural foods, including meat, offal, vegetables and more. Such a diet should be well thought out so that the cat gets everything it needs for its health along with the food.

As for the usual food from our table – it is not the best option. In addition, some foods that we are accustomed to are simply dangerous to the pets’ health. For example, cats should not be offered fried, salty, spicy and even sweet.

Regardless of the chosen diet, the pet must always have access to clean drinking water.

How to Care for Bengal Cats

The silky and short hair of bengals is enough to brush once or twice a week with a special brush. If you accustom the pet to this procedure from childhood, it will not cause much trouble.

Bengal cats are very clean, so they do not need frequent bathing. Water procedures may be necessary if the pet gets very dirty. In this case, washing the Bengals is not too much trouble. Cats of this breed calmly and even with interest in water, with pleasure play with jets, and some even do not mind to amuse themselves in the bath.

Attention should also be paid to the claws of the animal, even if the cat regularly uses a scratching post. They can be trimmed at home, but if you have problems with the procedure, it is better to go to the veterinarian. As for hygiene of the ears, it is advisable to inspect them at least a couple of times a week and clean them as they get dirty with special lotions or other products.

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