What tools can be used in educational institutions today?

by Maisie

Within the walls of the traditional school, the modern world evokes astonishment. However, it is he who opens up new unique opportunities that teachers of the past could not even dream of. The knowledge, technologies, and experience available today make it possible to implement an education model that ensures the achievement of high academic results and creates conditions for the development of the child’s personality.

In the current situation, associated with a high risk of infection with coronavirus, the only possible and adequate response of universities and colleges to an external challenge was a temporary full transition to distance learning. And in these conditions, all possible resources of universities, partner universities, external content, and service providers were used to implement the educational process via the Internet. By the way, this created many interesting opportunities for starting a new small business. Important requirements for the system were its reliability, bandwidth of Internet channels, ease of creating and posting content, and availability of services and platforms for teachers and students.

In this regard, all face-to-face classes, including lectures, practical classes, and even laboratory ones in the presence of virtual analogs, were transferred to the online environment. Teachers are forced to organize the educational process through distance learning technologies based on various methods of delivering electronic content and available communication tools for students and teachers in the electronic information and educational environment, schools urgently needed a digital marketing strategy.

Of course, the stressful situation for all participants cannot but affect their attitude toward online learning and other distance learning technologies. At the same time, the term “online learning” itself is used whenever it is about the lack of face-to-face contact with the teacher, which leads to the substitution of concepts and incorrect conclusions. The latter necessitated the creation of task management tools.

In the current situation, it would be unreasonable to use the term online learning even in relation to the use of massive open online courses, since the urgent transfer of students to them in the middle of the semester without prior organizational measures and proper support from the authors of online courses does not allow students to fully experience the benefits of this technology.

In this regard, it is very important now to understand the concepts and determine the differences between online learning and educational technologies used in the context of an emergency transition of universities and colleges to distance learning, also it’s essential to read books about project management.

Numerous studies in the field of educational technologies agree that online learning is based on a carefully designed and planned educational process in EILE, supported by a methodically sound and purposeful sequence of teaching and methodological and control and measuring materials that ensure the achievement of learning outcomes in an exclusively electronic format. learning. 

Properly selected course materials, based on the goals and objectives of learning and the characteristics of the learning process in the online environment, will provide students with an educational result, and a teacher with positive feedback. Of course, the use of scheduling software is essential here, which will ensure the efficiency of the whole work.

Online learning is impossible without an IT infrastructure that requires significant investment, including an online learning platform, either one’s own or an external one with which a contract has been concluded, as well as high-quality online courses that provide effective training and support for students in an online environment. In the current situation, when the transition to online learning takes place in the shortest possible time, all these conditions must be created in advance, and teachers must have experience using online learning tools and student support services. Check out WordPress Developer Salary as well as other related fields here.

Practice shows that it takes an average of 6-9 months to develop an online course, and the skills of a teacher on an online platform are formed during the first two launches of the course. So do not expect high results, even if the most advanced teacher in terms of digital competencies does everything possible to transfer classes to the online environment: he records several online lectures, uploads text materials and uploads tests to the platform – a miracle will not happen.

Final thoughts

In the extreme conditions of a sharp reformatting of the educational process, with limited internal and external resources, completely different evaluation criteria come to the fore. They can be divided into 4 areas: assessment of the context (prerequisites) of changes, assessment of the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of changes, assessment of the processes for implementing changes and results (products), and direct and secondary. Ultimately, it is much more important to draw conclusions from this “global experiment” and organize systematic work on the mistakes in order to avoid these mistakes in the future.

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