What to Do with Those Old TVs in Your Closet

by Maisie

Technology ages quickly in modern times, so many of us have closets or even basements full of aging technology that no longer offers any use to us.  Although we don’t want to keep the clutter around, it isn’t easy to get rid of it in a way that our cities allow while also keeping in tune with our own belief systems. 

These are the top ways to get rid of those old TVs piling up in your closet and why it’s easier than you’d believe in clearing them out.

Donate to Second Hand Stores

One of the most obvious options is to donate your old televisions to second-hand stores like Goodwill.  This is an awesome option that ensures it gets to live on as a TV for a while longer, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  If your television is scratched, dented, or missing a remote, the odds of it being purchased by a customer at these second-hand shops are incredibly low, meaning eventually they’ll have to discard the device instead of getting to sell it.

Recycle Through E-Waste Services

A popular way to get rid of electronics that can help even with televisions is to turn to an e-waste service!  These services offer e-waste recycling that allows you to get rid of old electronics and machinery without having to feel guilty for throwing something out.  Of course, you should still use something to its natural end, but after that, feel free to recycle so that it never goes to waste.

Dispose of According to Your City’s Laws

If you can’t donate, recycle, repurpose, or sell your televisions, it might be time to dispose of it.  Look into your state and city laws regarding disposing of televisions, and make sure that you’re getting rid of them in the best way possible according to their rules.  Be aware that this can be complicated if the glass is broken or even cracked.  You may have to deliver it yourself to these waste centers, but there are some services that you can pay to pick up and deliver it for you. 

Repurpose in Your Own Life

One of the most popular ways people are repurposing their old TVs is to change things up and hollow them out. Of course, you can donate or dispose of the interior parts, but if you have a thick television from the 90s or 80s (or even older) sitting around, follow a safe tutorial online for removing the internal parts: and you can make the base into anything from a cat bed to an aquarium.  Don’t hold yourself back with self-doubt, and you might make something you’d never thought of before!

There Are Countless Ways to Dispose of an Old TV

There’s no one way to get rid of a TV that will work for everyone: so make sure to research your options and find the ways that speak to you!  After all, these electronics offered us tons of entertainment in their lifetime- we can at least make sure they don’t end up in a landfill.

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