What technological trends you should focus in 2022

by Maisie

Soon, companies will be at the crossroads of a myriad of new worlds, where they will manage both physical and virtual realities, which they have created themselves and they will offer services in environments developed by third parties. On a daily basis, users will actively move from one world to another.


In this new edition of the Technology Vision  2022, we analyze how today ‘s technological  innovations are becoming the foundations of our collective future. From virtual to physical to humans and machines, these trends span the entire continuum . They identify the areas in which ambitious companies can generate value by turning their back on the present to anchor themselves firmly in the future.

Along with technologies, social media and video platforms are becoming extremely popular. Short and informative videos have become the main driving force in people’s lives. That is why video and streaming platforms such as Twitch, TikTok and especially Youtube are best to invest in 2022. Buy Youtube views to gain popularity and start a successful career. 

“The Connected Self” analyzes the reinvention of the web. Over the past two years, our virtual lives have taken on a significance we never imagined, driving businesses to explore new digital experiences. The metaverse now signs a natural evolution, which brings the Internet of today closer to our requirements of tomorrow. With the advent of the metaverse and as they invent new ways to interact with their remote customers, partners and workforces, companies will need to rethink their online presence and imagine the new platform revolution.

A myriad of new worlds, one company

We are witnessing the birth of a new physical world, endowed with new capacities. One after another, new environments appear, each with its own rules. And with them also emerge purely digital worlds. Large companies will migrate their internal operations to the metaverse, so that their employees can operate these companies, wherever they are. In our free time, new customer experiences hosted in the metaverse will transport us to endless worlds, where we can play, socialize remotely , or relax.

With the abundance of opportunities offered by all these worlds, companies will have to develop a strategy to cover the range of possibilities and best serve their employees, customers and partners. 

With signs of profound change looming, Accenture’s Technology Vision extends further than ever. In the coming years, we’ll see ambitious companies bring these physical and digital worlds to life, but also worlds where humans and artificial intelligences (AI) meet, worlds made possible by new types of computers, and more. .

At a time when such advances challenge our most fundamental assumptions about technology and business, we are entering new landscapes, without established rules and without preconceptions. A unique opportunity to build the worlds of tomorrow.

The ground is changing under our feet and many of the competitive advantages that companies have built are beginning to recede. From operating models to core value propositions, every aspect of the business needs rethinking. And forward-thinking leaders have already taken the lead.

A programmable world

Without the accompanying changes that ground them in the physical world, the new virtual worlds would be of limited value. “A Programmable World” explores how technologies are increasingly intertwined with our physical environments. This trend highlights the convergence of 5G, contextual intelligence, augmented reality and smart materials and anticipates their impact on how businesses interact with the physical world. We will soon be able to treat our environment as technology – with unprecedented levels of control, automation and personalization.

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