What should you not do before fat cavitation?

by Maisie

Cavitation refers to a treatment method to reduce fat and shape and model problem areas. Fat is broken down in a targeted manner, collagen is built up, and the skin is tightened. The treatment is used on almost all body parts: abdomen, legs, buttocks, back, upper arms, calves, or backs of the hands. It can be carried out in a doctor’s office, clinic, or beauty salon.

No surgical intervention is necessary. The problem areas are only beamed with ultrasonic waves in several sessions. This radiation is entirely painless for the patient and takes around 30-60 minutes, depending on the selected body area. The form of treatment originally came from the USA and was initially only used to treat skin imperfections. A few years ago, it was finally found that the cavitation method is also very suitable for relieving cellulite.

How does fat cavitation by ultrasonic cavitation work?

The treatment is divided into four essential treatment appointments. The first step in fat reduction through cavitation consists of consulting with the treating doctor or beautician. During this appointment, you will be informed about the essential facts, such as the process and the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasound radiation. You will be physically examined to determine whether you are suitable for the treatment.

The next step is the preliminary examination. Here, the patient is measured and photographed to understand the results in a meaningful way after the irradiation. The next appointment is the actual intervention. There are two different cavitation machines and methods: MedContour cavitation and LipoSonix cavitation.

If necessary, a follow-up appointment should be arranged after the radiation sessions. The results of the treatment are shown, analyzed, and discussed. In addition, the activity of the lymph glands is observed since it contributes to the success of the treatment. After the procedure, patients are advised to pay attention to a healthy diet, sufficient exercise, and plenty of sleep. In this way, you can actively support fat reduction.

Recommendations before a cavitation treatment

Cavitation doesn’t need many precautions, although there are a few tips recommended for you:

  • Be careful what you eat during the treatment period to be more effective, and the results are better. It’s not about following a strict diet; it’s about eating healthily (vegetables, fruit, greens, fish, meat).
  • For cavitation, the recommendation is to drink plenty of water both the day before and the day after because it is how fat is eliminated in the liquid state.
  • Later, you can self-medicate using a drain cream or anti-cellulite gel to eliminate fat.
  • The general recommendation is to have a minimum of 72 hours between one cavitation session and the next.
  • Always follow the recommendations of the professionals at the beauty center you go to.

What are the benefits of cavitation fat reduction?

This form of treatment allows you to lose weight specifically in your problem areas. In addition, the irradiation is very comfortable. You don’t feel any pain and can relax during the entire process.

Another advantage is that the treatment with ultrasound achieves excellent results. Depending on the body region, you can lose between 3 and 10 cm in circumference with the first treatment alone. It has been proven that the fat cells are destroyed by the treatment so that they can no longer form back.

The most significant advantage is that the treatment with ultrasound is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of treatment for fat reduction.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • No operational/surgical intervention.
  • Effective and painless breakdown of fat cells.
  • Medically and dermatologically tested.
  • Immediate treatment success is visible.
  • Versatile application possibilities.
  • Discreet leaves no traces such as scars.
  • After the treatment, a regular daily routine is possible.
  • A professionally trained team will treat you.

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