What Options Are There For Paying Crypto Taxation?

by Maisie

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, governments around the world have started taking note, recognizing their potential for provoking tax evasion. Cryptocurrency taxation is just one of the many issues necessary for an understanding of cryptocurrency and its future.  There are several methods for paying crypto taxes but without more information about what type of crypto investment you have made it can be difficult to determine which is best for your situation.

Which options are available for paying crypto taxes?

1. Sell your cryptocurrency and pay taxes on the gains :

Selling your cryptocurrency and paying taxes on the gains may be the most straightforward method of paying crypto taxes. If you have decided to sell your cryptocurrency and then you should be aware that you may need to pay capital gains taxes on your profit from the sale. The capital gains tax will be based on the current market value of your cryptocurrency. In order for you to be able to pay these taxes, you will need to report the sale of your cryptocurrency and include it on your tax return.

2. Convert your cryptocurrency to fiat currency :

You may be able to pay your crypto taxes by converting your cryptocurrency to fiat currency  through a cryptocurrency exchange that accepts fiat deposits. Once you have converted your cryptocurrency to USD, you can pay any taxes that are due in USD and then convert the USD back into cryptocurrency at a later date. If you are going to try this method of paying crypto taxes, you should be aware that there is often a fee associated with converting your coins into fiat currency and that some exchanges will limit the amount of fiat currency that you can withdraw.

3. Buy cryptocurrency in a taxable account and pay taxes on your gains :

You may be able to buy cryptocurrency in a taxable account and pay taxes on your gains by trading with one of the many brokerage companies that are now providing these services. If you decide to use crypto tax software, you should be aware that most of these businesses charge a fee for the trades and that not all cryptocurrencies are available for trading. You will need to keep track of how much money you receive from trading cryptocurrency through these accounts and when the time comes to sell them, pay any taxes due at that time.

4. Use a cryptocurrency tax accountant :

You may be able to pay crypto taxes using a cryptocurrency tax accountant. These companies will be able to track your cryptocurrency transactions and provide you with an accurate report of the value of your holdings and the amount you paid in taxes. You will then need to pay these taxes at the appropriate time and possibly use the money from this payment to pay any outstanding capital gains taxes that might still be due.

5. Tax crypto trading :

You might be able to pay crypto taxes by selling your cryptocurrency on an exchange and then using the proceeds to pay any taxes due. If you are going to try this method of paying crypto taxes, it is important that you understand the potential tax implications of this type of trading as well as when and how best to sell your coins if you decide that this type of tax avoidance is best for your situation.

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