What Must You Know When Choosing an Internet Service Provider?

by Maisie

Technological development has made the internet an essential part of our daily lives. The internet today is a must for everyone regardless of whether you use it for personal or professional purposes. The fact is that the internet is a crucial asset upon which we all depend on. Major features considered for choosing the best internet service provider in Gurgaon or any other city are its speed, cost and offered features and benefits. 

We all look for a reliable and fast internet connection with a sufficient data cap capable of meeting our daily internet requirements. Additionally, we all also want an internet network with a strong connection and 24X7 accessibility. 

Thus, before choosing a particular service provider, it is advisable to conduct your research. Listed here are some of the essential parameters you must consider for selecting a prudent internet service provider – 


Reputation is one of the best courses of action to zero in on an internet service provider. To understand a specific service provider’s reputation, you must consider reading through several online reviews posted on Google or Yelp or directly speaking with your neighbours. 

Many internet service providers offer business and residential services, which come with different features, quality of service and cost. So, when evaluating the review, be conscious about the customer type you are approaching. 

Service level agreements

A service level agreement or SLA in India is a contractual commitment between a customer and an internet service provider. Internet service providers’ SLA generally provides details on assured service metrics like latency, uptime, packet loss, jitter, and repair or response time. For instance, a specific internet service provider in Noida may offer targets like response priority of 4 hours or less, at least 99 percent uptime, high network service quality, etc., while other service providers may have a different service level agreement for their offered internet service. Ensure to carefully research the internet service provider’s SLA before deciding on any internet service provider. 

Customer support

Customer support is one of the essential parameters you must consider when choosing a service provider. Customer support can help you with various queries that may have linked to billing, service issues, technical support, upgrade inquiries or add-ons at any time. Ensure to understand the customer support quality provided by the internet service providers before zeroing in on any specific service provider. 

Note that few internet service providers may propel you to sit through several automated phone menus to transfer your call later to a 3rd party contracted customer support. Avoid opting for such service providers, as your resolution may not be instant. Instead, opt for the internet service provider willing to provide you with internet service available 24X7 through in-house customer care support. 

Flexibility and agility

As an enterprise grows and changes over time, its overall telecommunication requirement also changes. For instance, a law firm hiring 10 new associates may likely require a bandwidth upgradation after a few months as it may look to expand with more associates. 

When choosing an ISP, you must ensure to explore all the service offerings. You may need the scope of internet services to change over time, and few providers may provide business phones, too, to streamline your telecommunication needs. Few internet service providers even offer additional services like SD-WAN and VoIP, while others may not. Go for the ISP that best matches your needs. However, note that whatever service provider you choose must provide you with a fast internet connection, which will help you grow your business and improve your reputation.

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