What is the relationship between Elizabeth 1 and 2?

by Maisie

Many people see Queen Elizabeth 1 and Elizabeth 2 and will think of their relationship. Queen Elizabeth 1 and 2 are not related by blood. Elizabeth is just a name. They are all queens with the orthodox blood of the British royal family, and there are hundreds of years between them. These two people have nothing to do with each other and are queens of different eras. Elizabeth 1 and Elizabeth 2 have little to do with each other except that they both were Queens of England, and Elizabeth is their first name, not their last name.

Elizabeth 1’s wig

Elizabeth 1, Queen of the Tudor Dynasty of England (1558-1603), was the only daughter of Henry VIII and was born in Greenwich in 1533. She is well educated, proficient in Latin, French, Italian, and other languages, and believes in Protestantism. At an early age, she involves in complex court battles. When Queen Mary died in 1558, her half-sister Elizabeth 1 took the throne. But just four years after she took the throne, 29-year-old Elizabeth contracted smallpox and nearly died. Later, she even cured smallpox, but her hair began to fall out in large quantities. Who would want to play state affairs to a queen who seems to be aging prematurely? So when she was recovering from her serious illness, Elizabeth asked someone to make an auburn wig for herself, They were meticulously coiled, and she always wore it once she went out. Another reason for wearing an auburn wig is because her father, Henry VIII, also had red hair, so Elizabeth relied on this wig to prove her blood purity.

16th-century wigs generally were made of wool and horsehair, which was expensive, so even Queen Elizabeth only had more than 80 wigs in her lifetime. Elizabeth 1’s aesthetic standards: wig and red lips face painted with lead powder, raffle collar, and corset. Elizabeth 1 could not but be domineering.

Elizabeth even enacted a law prohibiting any blemishes from appearing in the Queen’s portraits. So the painters had to paint her without wrinkles, even though she was over sixty years old. Elizabeth wanted to leave the impression that she was always strong, healthy, and flawless, just like her country. Just look at her portrait: a red and curly wig full of pearls, a face that is perverted white, blood-red lipstick, a low-cut corset, a high ruff collar, how elegant and how extraordinary!

However, it is not enough for Elizabeth to have exaggerated hairstyles and luxurious hair accessories. What she wants is the extreme luxury that shocks the world in exchange for the obedience of millions of people to her. When her coronation at 25, Elizabeth married herself to the country. Elizabeth 1 is a survivor of Game of Thrones and a legend polished by the times. She forbears and is cautious for half her life. This “mask of youth” is made of wig, pearls, and wax cream, just armor for her to protect her delicate female body. The era of Elizabeth 1 was a unique “golden age” in modern British history – national unity, religious reconciliation, wealth, and prosperity. Half a century later, Britain was the strongest country in Europe.

Queen Elizabeth 2’s stubborn hairstyle

Queen Elizabeth-2 was born in London in 1926, formerly Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She is the fourth-generation monarch of the Windsor House of England and the eldest daughter of King George VI. When the king died in 1952, she succeeded to the throne. To learn a person, you must understand her essence. Queen Elizabeth 2 is undoubtedly a role model for many women. From childhood to old age, she has always maintained a beautiful, noble, intellectual, elegant, persevering, self-disciplined style and image! The Queen tells you that nobility and elegance have nothing to do with age! When it comes to dressing, she is a woman who pays attention to taste. Even now, in her 90s, she can still dress herself up beautifully whenever she appears in public and always keep up with fashion trends.

Her inner strength and smart mind may be beyond the reach of some people. I don’t know if you have noticed that Queen Elizabeth 2’s hairstyle has not changed for 60 years. The Queen’s insistence on hairstyle is the same as her insistence on the Queen’s duties, making the hairstyle her symbol. Just like her image of wearing a hat, a handbag, gloves, and black leather shoes have become the standard image of the Queen. Queen Elizabeth continues to maintain her “queen haircut” at the moment – neat and neat short hair, which was once teased by Prince Philip, saying that it was like a motorcycle helmet.

The Queen of England usually wears white or black gloves at important public events. The gloves matched her outfit so well that people forgot their primary function. On these occasions, Her Majesty often has to shake hands with many people. The main reason she wears gloves is to protect herself from germs.

Madame Tussauds’ statue of Queen Elizabeth 2 is the same as the Queen herself, exquisite and meticulous. But this wax figure has a hidden mystery, and the secret is in the Queen’s hat——

Wearing a hat, the Queen has curly grey hair. Take off the cap, and the queen wax figure is a big bald head. According to Susanne Faerber, co-owner of the wax museum, there is only one purpose in doing so, and that is to save money. She explained to the media that the hair of the wax figure is a wig made from human hair. This kind of wig looks realistic but expensive, so to save money, the wax figure wearing a hat can only be a half-head wig.

Queen Elizabeth 2 is a legendary figure with a very legendary life.

For Britain, the existence of Queen Elizabeth 2 is a huge wealth to the country. During the turbulent times in the United Kingdom, she was a symbol of British stability. She is the best person to stabilize people’s hearts. No one can do it except her. Elizabeth 2 got a good education from childhood, which gave her a good handle on state affairs. It also brought stability and peace to Britain for decades to come. Queen Elizabeth 2 has made many contributions to the United Kingdom. When she took the throne, the United Kingdom faced a serious imperial crisis, and the empire was likely to collapse. However, Elizabeth 2 stabilized the situation in the United Kingdom and strengthened the British military. Improve the international status of the UK. For this reason, Queen Elizabeth 2 is a sacred national symbol to the British.

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