What is the difference between Manual and Automation Testing?

by Maisie

Software development is one of the biggest businesses in the world currently. But developing softwares is no child’s play. Every little detail in a software is governed by big and hefty codes that are written and executed by coders and developers. Even the smallest of errors can render the codes unsuccessful. But on the brighter side, a well coded amazing software can jet set a business and accomplish tons of tasks and thereby make the software popular and handy. Testing is an integral part to evaluate the software codes and its execution. Test automation software is an essential software that is developed just to help software experts and developers to achieve accuracy and expected results from a software. A testing software helps developers to analyse the code and check for bugs and flaws in the system that renders the software unusable.

What is Testing? Why is it needed?

Testing is an important part of software development. Testing is a process conducted by the Quality Analyst to help check the coding process and help in identifying bugs and flaws in the process. It helps in coming up with inputs and feedback that can help improve the software in an overall manner as well.

Testing is a critical process and has many different roles and functions. Therefore, tests are of varied types and each one has a unique function. At each level, a unique test helps in coming up with the bugs in the process. Some examples of stage level tests are: Performance testing, batch level testing, Test design etc. In general there are two major kinds of tests – Manual Tests and Automated tests.

Manual Testing v/s Automated Testing

Manual Testing and Automated testing are the two types of testing in general for Quality analysts worldwide. Manual testing, like the name suggests, is carried out by the analysts themselves. They write down a list of parameters, set up the test, check for routine bugs and generate the test results. The deviation from expected results and the actual results are compared and discussed at the end of the process. This kind of testing is one of the most critical and important parts of software development. Mostly manual testing is done in the beginning phase of the software development program. Some tests cannot be automated and for those tests, manual testing is apt.


  • Identification of bugs in non repetitive testing modules for software development
  • Use of Human intellect and judgement for various decision making and key inputs
  • Low cost as human resources are employed


  • Prone to errors
  • Time Consuming
  • Test results not readily available

Automated Testing is an efficient way to automate testing for most of the repetitive tests that need to be run in the course of software development. Repetitive tests help in keeping up with the coding program and help in eliminating issues as and when needed. Test automation softwares is employed by most developers to conduct these tests as they give precise results and are very efficient.


  • Efficient
  • Time and Resource Saving
  • Accurate Results
  • Readily available Results
  • High ROI in long run
  • Excellent option for repetitive tests


  • Initial cost of employing the software
  • Human Judgement is absent
  • Random Testing is not possible

Automated Testing is excellent for program performance testing and batch testing. Test Automation software can simplify the task of testing that requires manpower resources and make life easier.

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