What is the American Society For Nondestructive Testing?

by Maisie

Have you ever wondered what the American Society For Nondestructive Testing is?

ASNT is an international organization that was founded in 1941. Since then, it has grown to become the world leader in NDT. It is the world’s largest Society of nondestructive testing professionals. 

ASNT is incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the laws of Ohio, United States of America, and, as such, is a legally recognized professional society. ASNT’s membership consists of individuals involved in research, education, training, and service related to nondestructive testing. 

The Society provides a forum for the exchange of technical information, like phased array testing; educates its members through publications; maintains an extensive network of NDT consultants; promotes the discipline of NDT as a profession, and facilitates research and technology application. ASNT provides you with a place to learn more about NDT and interact with other NDT professionals who share your passion for this discipline.

What Are The Services And Products Of The American Society For Nondestructive Testing?


ASNT provides a wide range of services to its members, including:

  1. Certification Services: ASNT offers certification for NDT professionals at both the local and national levels. The American Society For Nondestructive Testing (ASNT ) is the nationally recognized certification body for NDT practitioners in the United States and Canada. ASNT is also recognized internationally by the International Council on NDT (ICNDT).
  2. Research Services: ASNT’s Research Committee develops new standards, conducts research activities to further knowledge in the industry, and publishes technical journals related to NDT applications
  3. Education Services: ASNT’s Education Committee provides guidelines for industry-sponsored educational programs, such as courses and seminars. Their Education Committee also maintains a website with links to educational resources such as lectures on nondestructive testing (NDT) technology, online courses, and training materials
  4. Standards Development Services: ASNT’s Standards Development Committee develops standards, guides, and recommendations to ensure the quality of products and services provided.
  5. Publication Services: The Society’s Publications Committee develops technical journals, books, and other publications for NDT practitioners around the world.


ASNT offers several products and services to its members. ASNT’s primary product is the ASNT Certified NDT Professional (CNDT). The CNDT is a professional certification for individuals who demonstrate knowledge of the NDT profession and possess competency in NDT application. 

In addition to the basic CNDT, ASNT also offers four Advanced Certifications beyond the primary level.ASNT’s other products include technical journals and books, standards, education materials, educational workshops, seminars and conferences, and certification services.

ASNT has developed several technical publications, standards, and training materials supporting the NDT profession. These publications include:

  • Technical Bulletins
  • NDT Education Bulletins
  • ASNT Standards
  • ASNT’s Training Guide for the NDT Professional (TG-NDT) – A comprehensive reference work on NDT used as a textbook in over 100 universities, colleges, and technical schools throughout the U.S. and around the world.
  • ASNT’s International Standard for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (ISX-2) – The ISX-2 standard establishes international requirements for XRF analysis methods and provides guidance on good laboratory practices to ensure reliable results reproducible, traceable, and traceable to a recognized standard. Laboratories widely use the ISX-2 throughout the world.

Why Does ASNT Recommend NDT-KITS?

ASNT recommends NDT-KITS because their professional technologists, with many years of experience in product development, offer excellent technical support on nearly all available probe models, which enables their customers to do quick service after placing the order.

NDT-KITS has provided a quality inspection system with excellent customer support and exceptional service. Today, their high technology offers 4 main ultrasonic device lines: 1-3 composite sheets, a CWA coil system, and 2D phased array probe systems. 

As always, they have provided customer support in technical skills and customer onsite training services to keep our customers satisfied. 


The extent of NDT & the growth of ASNT underscores the vital importance of accurate workplace safety practices. Reciprocally, members demonstrate a passion for safety and NDT capabilities by actively seeking certification and technology education in an ever-challenging technological environment. 

You will be well-positioned for a rewarding, satisfying career as a Certified Industrial Safety Inspector/Technician or upgrading your knowledge and experience.

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