What Is Cyber Security & What Are The Types.

by Maisie

Cyber security has become a real problem in recent years and many businesses have been held to ransom and have had to pay out literally millions to people who are holding their IT system hostage and who refuse to give it back until they are paid. It’s an unfortunate consequence of having information technology at the heart of your business, but it would be impossible to conduct business without it. There are hackers right now trying to gain access to your platform and it doesn’t matter what size your business is whether big or small because they don’t care and if they gain access, it’s going to cost you a lot of time and money to fix it.

Keeping your business information safe is becoming a lot more difficult and so this is why many modern businesses are reaching out to professional, affordable cyber security services to help them address issues before they become problems much later. If you are somewhat unfamiliar about what cyber security is then you should know that it is all of the technology and industry practices that are used to keep your computer platform safe and secure. It is any cyber security service provider’s job to keep your networks, your devices and your important business data from getting into the hands of people who will only use it for financial gain. The following are just three of the types of cyber security currently available.

  • Application Security – The clue is in the name and this particular security is utilised by app creators to stop essential data or computer code from being stolen from the app itself. They are normally put in place at the very beginning of the development, but they are also in place to protect the application when it is released.
  • Cloud security – This is something that has been around for a number of years and yet many businesses feel that it is a very new concept and so they are reluctant to embrace it for their business. Cloud security is put in place to protect you from both internal and external threats and so it is their job to make sure that nobody gains access to important company information with regards to client’s financial information and business innovations. The wonderful thing about cloud security is that it is monitored 24/7 and so it is the best choice every single time.
  • Infrastructure & IOT security – Infrastructure security is essential because it protects the things that people use every single day and everything would grind to a halt if these were impacted upon. IOT or the Internet of things is when we use many different devices connected to the Internet that need to be secured at all times.

Then there is network security which is in place to stop anyone gaining unauthorised access to your IT structures and platforms. You would be surprised at the number of businesses that have information stolen every single day and so this particular security system makes sure that all of your devices, applications and users all work together to provide the best security possible.

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