What are the costs of hair transplants, and why are they expensive?

by Maisie

The hair transplant area and the number of grafts, the larger the area for hair transplantation, the larger the number of grafts will be used, which will cause the price to be different for each person.

Is it expensive to grow hair? A popular question that many people wonder, today here will separate the types and the techniques of permanent hair transplantation; let’s see clearly. Presently, there are two primary techniques of permanent hair transplantation in hair transplant clinic Dubai, FUE and FUT, which will suit different problems for each person. The price will also differ accordingly.

Use of technology and other factors

Duration of transplantation and number of medical teams: If comparing the period of permanent hair transplant surgery with other surgical surgeries, Permanent hair transplant takes 6-8 hours. At the same time, other surgeries take a short time, only 1-3 hours. Hair transplantation is a race against time to increase the survival rate of hair grafts. Therefore, it requires approximately 5-7 professional and experienced medical assistants. Each permanent hair transplant surgery requires very high resources and labor costs.

Graft Infusion Solution: Another factor that will increase the success rate of hair transplantation. This will help preserve the root pierced in the best condition outside the patient’s body. Do not let the pierced hair graft be damaged.

Implanter Pen: In the old days, there was no Implanter Pen; the only device used for hair transplant in the past was Forceps (tweezers, similar to tweezers but has a pointed tip) which in this way, the roots can be affected easily It will make my hair grow bad. Using the Implanter Pen will help my roots not be damaged from being pinched. You will have a higher survival rate. Then the hair that has been planted will grow well. It also reduces the time for planting as well.

Hair clipper: This is another factor that can reduce the chance of damage to the hair roots. In some clinics, a robotic arm is used in the procedure to penetrate the patient’s hair follicle. Also known as the Hair Graft Excision Step, which costs millions, the service fee is unnecessarily high. In some clinics where the doctor has high expertise, the hair grafts can be pierced as beautiful as or not. It’s more beautiful than using a robotic arm.

Advertising costs through various media and locations: advertising through multiple media or hiring a reputable presenter, including the clinic’s location in an expensive place to get the clinic’s attention, affects the price of the hair transplant of that clinic as well.

Experience and expertise of doctors: Hair transplantation is considered a medical art. Whether drawing a Hairline by Dr. Ziakas (he is a hair transplant specialist) to suit each service visit’s face shape or setting the hair’s direction to look natural, they all require expertise and accumulated experience for a long time. Therefore, it is unsurprising that a skilled doctor will have a higher price for hair transplantations.

Read here; you probably know enough to know about the cost of permanent hair transplantation roughly. Then why is it so expensive? Have you doubted that a hair transplant is costly or not, and why is it expensive? For the decision to undergo hair transplantation, consider these factors and look at the clinical practice results thoroughly. Because the clinic is costly, it may not be the best. And cheap hair transplant clinics may not always give you the good results you hoped for. Fixing permanent hair transplants is not easy at all. Therefore, hair transplantation, looking for a good clinic, and only planting once are enough.

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