Wear and Style Your Jordans Correctly with These Tips

by Maisie

Sneakers are comfortable flat-soled shoes that fully support your feet as you perform physical exercises. Consequently, these trainers became popular with tennis, cricket, and croquet players in the 1860s. Today, you can usually see your favourite celebrities and basketball stars rocking out a pair of iconic athletic shoes for casual wear and work. 

Nike Air Jordan is a signature line of basketball shoes that has become a must-have for every sneakerhead’s collection. Like the generational talent that the line was made for, Michael Jordan, these sneakers quickly became famous and are even one of the most sought today. So, if you’re thinking of getting one or already have it in your wardrobe, here are some tips on wearing them to complete your evocative look: The colin kaepernick air force 1 Nike Air Force 1 Low made its debut during the quarterback’s workout for prospective NFL teams in November 2019

The Size

Some Jordans can get narrow in the toe box or the front part of the shoes that houses your toes. Therefore, it is wise to buy a pair that is a half size bigger than your usual number. On the other hand, leaving two inches of front shoe space in front of your toes isn’t ideal, and you have to size down.

Nevertheless, you may buy bigger pairs of shoes as long as you put foam inserts into them. These inserts prevent your sneakers from creasing so you can take care of your investment as much as possible. Moreover, Air Jordans are relatively durable and can still look good despite inevitable creases from wear and tear. 

The Colour

The Nike Air Jordan line now has hundreds of versions and colourways attesting to the shoes’ popularity and everlasting demand. However, choosing just one pair out of the many magnificent variants is tricky and confusing. Moreover, you have to pick the one that complements your outfits, or you can adjust your attire to your sneakers. 

Neutral-coloured Jordans that come in black, grey, or white are some of your safe shopping options. On the other hand, striking multi-coloured shoes are unique, and you can wear toned-down outfits to accommodate them. For example, wearing either a white or black tee or a button-down shirt with black or blue jeans will help your colourful sneakers stand out.  

On the other hand, you can match your unique colourway to a hoodie or accessories like a small bag or hat. Subtle matching details to your shoes in your shirt is also okay. But, in the end, complementing your outfits to your sneakers has to hit the right subtlety and noise.  

The Bottoms

  • Pants

Too baggy and too tight pants are not ideal for Jordans. A regular tapered pair of pants would be best instead.

Air Jordans are huge in form and appearance, and they can easily overpower your outfit. Thus, wearing pants that end just at the tops of your sneakers’ tongues provides balance. Furthermore, you can also wear patterned tailored trousers or suit pants rather than denim for formal to semi-formal ensembles.

  • Shorts

Wearing shorts with your Jordans is possible as long as you keep them just above your knees. It would be best to avoid long or too skinny shorts as they make your legs look shorter and smaller than they are. Instead, your black mesh or nylon shorts should fit right and end a few inches above your kneecaps.  

Everyone knows that the bottoms you pair with your shirt or blouse make or break your fit. Don’t forget to make the right choices and how you feel about your outfit. But ultimately, wear whatever makes you happy!

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