VN88 depositing fund instruction

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After registration as an user at VN88, any player who intends to wager must submit a transaction to the cash account. Nevertheless, it is particularly difficult for players who have little expertise with smartphone or computer instructions. So , this guide will help you on how to deposit your VN88 wallet in a clear and uncomplicated method.

Based on the requirements, the customer may choose the most value manner of filling up their betting account. Listed below are few ways VN88 users commonly top up!

Scratch cards for all users

Phone cards from several providers, such as Viettel, Vinaphone, Vietnammobi are available to players.  Members of VN88 can also use gambling cards such as vcoin, Zing game card, and Gate payment card. Each type of credit card offers its own range of discounts.

Follow these procedures to deposit with a physical top up card:

Step 1: Please sign in to the VN88 betting accounts.

Step 2: On the main web page, click “Deposit”.

Step 3: Select “Deposit using phone cards”.  The interface pane will then show some requirements:

  • Then choose the card type you wish to use.
  • Card value: Please choose exactly the value of cards.
  • The code number is the most important you must type in exactly. Please gently scratch the silver layer to reveal the code. Do not show it to someone else.
  • The serial number is on the front side of the card. Fill them in and you are almost done.
  • If you want to join on some promotional programs, this is the right time for that.

Step 4: Check again any information you have typed. If there is something wrong, you will not have the second chance to do it again.

Step 5: After checking anything, choose “Verify” to finish the process.

The website will validate the value and the personal information entered once the customer has finished the preceding procedures. If all is in order, the funds will be transferred to your VN88 account within minutes. The bookie is not accountable if a customer gives incorrect information.

E-wallet is the new trend to deposit

E-wallet recharge is very popular because of its easy and rapid transaction method, which helps users to cut transaction time. Users can use Momo Wallet, Zalo Pay or Viettel wallet to proceed.

The method for depositing monies using an e-wallet is as follows:

Step 1: Sign-in to your VN88 account on the main website

Step 2: Please move to the “Deposit” window.

Step 3: Choose the “E-wallet” option.

Step 4: Fill in all the needed information

  • The money you wish to deposit
  • Choose the appropriate promotions at VN88.
  • Click “confirm” after everything is done.

Step 5: Check anything again and press “verify” to finish payment.

Customers may process on their phones through scanning a QR code. With this method, the customer must enter the exact transferring amount given by VN88 bookie and complete the transaction. Then, they  must execute the transaction while retaining the data collected and card number.

Transferring money through bank account

Wire transfer is indeed the primary method of funding a VN88 wallet. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Sign into the VN88 gambling account and select “transfer money.”

Step 2: Next, select the right form of money transmission.

Step 3: Input your deposit information, which should include:

  • The amount of money you want to deliver
  • Your bank branch
  • Promotion is something you should not ignore
  • Verify using a QR code.

After everything is done, your transaction is finished.


We believe that the previous VN88 article provided comprehensive information for anyone wishing to fund their account. Apply now to be eligible to wager and earn rewards at VN88 casino!

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