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The Flipboard US Canada is an online application which allows users to view content across the world from their smartphones. This is a great tool for users who want to read and learn more about different topics. You can search for articles, news, stories and more. It also has local and storyboard features.

Curator Pro

Flipboard has launched a new Curator Pro tool, which provides a suite of editing tools and analytics for the creation and curation of fashionfactsnow Storyboards. It is now available for magazine curators worldwide.

This new Curator Pro tool will give an exclusive group of creators and publishers a deeper understanding of the impact their content has on their audience. They will also gain valuable insights into how their Storyboards are performing. Using this information, they can build more engaging magazines.

This new feature is a part of Flipboard’s overall effort to improve its curation processes. Previously, Flipboard magazine curators had limited data on their content. In order to make better choices, they relied on the company’s algorithms.

The new Curator Pro tool will provide metrics and analytics on each storyboard, including a 30-day history of the most popular stories. Users can also view a dashboard that shows how many people have clicked on each individual link.


Flipboard has launched a new tool that is designed to help publishers curate news and articles. The tool allows curators to create customized packages of content that will engage readers in a new way.

This tool combines human and algorithmic curation into one. The new tool has three main components: Storyboards, Curator Pro, and Analytics.

Storyboards are the company’s latest move to stand out in the crowded news aggregation space. They provide an “inherently useful” feature to users, according to Flipboard CEO Mike McCue. These mini-magazines are visually attractive and serve as a way to capture and share stories.

Rather than relying on the usual roundup article, Flipboard has developed a new “Storyboard” that stitches together multiple native formats. For instance, a Storyboard can display a video, an image, and a short description, all in a single package.

A new feature in the new Curator Pro tool is the Create Storyboard module. This feature lets curators build a new storyboard using up to 10 links. Each section can be titled, numbered, and edited, and curators can add up to five tags.

Google Currents

Google Currents is a new communication fashionnowdays tool that allows employees and other members of an organization to communicate with each other. Similar to Slack, it is an enterprise-level social networking and collaboration tool. It is part of the company’s Google Workspace ecosystem. However, unlike Slack, it’s not tied to other third-party apps.

This communication tool is meant for companies of all sizes. It works much like a whiteboard or bulletin board. Users can post messages to specific people in the company or to groups of coworkers. They can also follow tags and hashtags. The more users and posts you follow, the more influence you have.

Google Currents comes preinstalled on new Android devices. You can also install it on your browser. In addition, it is included in every subscription to the Google Workspace service. If your company does not already use Google Workspace, you can create a free account.

There are two types of discussions in Currents: All posts and Streams. Streams focus on a topic, such as the latest news Hibooz. Users can switch between the streams to find more information on a topic.

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