Understanding Coffin Nails

by Maisie

Most people these days embrace coffin nails, but they usually do not pay much attention to the name of the nails. This is because most people go with a picture to the nail artist and request to have an exactly similar design without bothering to know the name.

When people hear of nail designs, they obviously want to be associated with the trendiest of them. Most nail designs are named after the shape they take and feature on the final results. Below is further evaluation to help you understand coffin nails further.

1. What Are Coffin Nails

The coffin nails are described from the coffin nail shape. The shape is usually perfect, which makes it a common choice for the masses.

Just like any other design of nails, there is more to the design other than just the shape. Coffin designs can be expressed by different styles, how you take care of the nails, and other things about the nails too.

2. What Exactly Is the Coffin Shape

The coffin shape is edgy and mysterious. The coffin design is long like in the stiletto nails, with the difference being rather than the nails having a pointy tip at the top, they are flattened up to resemble a coffin.

Associating the shape with a coffin is not the best description, but it is actually the best definition of this specific nail shape. When the coffin shape is done perfectly on the nails, there is little to no rounding on the tips.

For most people, their natural nails do not reach the desired strength and length required to pull off the coffin nails. This is, however, not such a big deal, thanks to the popular acrylic nails. The acrylic nails give you a chance to reach the desired length and perfect coffin shape without having to strain your natural nails to achieve the desired growth.

The coffin shape is not hard to achieve, especially for people with a lot of experience in doing nails. You can also come up with the perfect coffin shape on your own as long as you follow the instructions given by the expert or in the manual carefully.

3. Common Coffin Nail Colors

The coffin shape determines coffin nails. Once you have had the shape, the rest of the design is your decision. However, some designs and colors are the best for the coffin shape.

Generally, neutral colors are better for the coffin shape than very bright crazy colors. Additionally, simple arts are better than a lot of too much vibrant art and patterns.

The coffin nail designs speak for themselves from their unique shape, and there is no need to put a lot of effort into dressing them to make a statement.

  • Matte and Metal Colors

Blending coffin shapes with outstanding original textures is a great way to have a full display of your cute nails. The neutral matte colors give your nails a subtle and smooth look. Using a metallic sheen is also a perfect way to wear your nails and rock to a party or a festival.

  • Black, White and Nude

These colors are not very bold, yet they can always be noticed. They are the best colors to wear on your nails for formal events, and they will definitely get the attention your nails deserve. They are considerably simple nail colors that create a good first impression everywhere you enter

  • Accents and Tips

Accents and tips are a great way of adding flavor to coffin design without having to go through the effort of adding too much creativity for perfect results. Even the tiniest stripe on the tip of your nails makes a significant difference in the style.

4. How to Care and Maintain Coffin Nail Designs

Every person wants their nails to last for the maximum amount of time possible. Coffin nail shapes can be super strong to withstand damage from any obstacle that comes their way.

To care for and maintain your coffin nails, you should keep them clean and nourish them with moisturizer every once in a while. You should also take care of the cuticles using products recommended by your nail artist because the cuticles are the base of your nails, and if they are damaged, the whole design looks old too.

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