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by Maisie

With its latest update, Ullu has launched a new version of its app, which has many improvements. The new features include downloading shows and managing subscriptions. Subscribers from tier 2 cities will be happy to know that they can download shows and manage their account right from the app. In addition, the Ullu team has indicated that the app has strict privacy policies. Let’s look at some of these. The Ullu app allows its members to access and watch content from different parts of the world.

Although the Ullu app does not contain explicit material, it does contain some content that is inappropriate for children. It is recommended that you watch Ullu movies in a cinema before downloading it. Some people find the show’s vulgarity offensive, so they choose to block it. This is not true. Rather, it is a way to avoid any problems. The Ullu app is free to download. If you are not a registered member, you can download the app for free from the MX Player web player.

While the Ullu app originally aimed at tier-I and tier-II cities, it has recently expanded its subscriber base to tier-I cities. It also introduced pay-per-view content. Before, subscribers had to watch free content. However, they often did not come back after the lockdown. Eventually, the company plans to start offering pay-per-view content, with a 72-hour delay.

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