Types of paid advertising for cannabis companies

by Maisie

Paid media campaigns usually vary depending on the brand and company, so no two strategies can be the same. Therefore, when you decide to plan for an advertising campaign, it’s a good idea to formulate an overall strategy that has objectives, and then you can define your advertising methods that can get you there. 

You should note that the approach of each marketing campaign tends to vary depending on the objectives and goals. You can decide to use Facebook ads for CBD or any other channel. But you need to make sure that the advertising channel you want to use can help you sell your products. This article discusses the types of paid advertising for cannabis companies.

Search retargeting and site remarketing

Retargeting which is sometimes known as remarketing refers to a simple JavaScript code that can track website visitors. This code usually known as pixel or cookies can be put on the site and follows the user via the web when they visit your website. 

For instance, when a user adds any item to their shopping cart but fails to check out, the pixel can follow the user via the web and communicate to the retargeting provider to show ads. Hence, the ads can only be displayed to previous site visitors who may have already shown interest in the service or product and know your brand. There is a good chance that a purchase can happen once you target cold leads who may have never known about your brand or want your product.


Facebook offers the largest advertising opportunities for many marketers and there are billions of clicks each year. Therefore, regardless of the industry you are in, your target audience is more likely to be using Facebook. This means that there are many benefits for cannabis companies when they advertise on Facebook. The good thing is that you can customize your target audience by interests, demographics, connections, behavior, location, and many more. 

Facebook also provides detailed target options unlike other platforms when it comes to advertising more effectively. You can generate new leads by using Facebook ads and place your product in front of many people who may not have known about your brand. 

And, with the Facebook pixel, you can use it to effect remarketing campaigns that are tailored to your audience. For instance, customers who may have visited your site but failed to buy your products or users who may have added a product to their shopping cart but failed to make the purchase and checked out can see your advert on their Facebook newsfeed afterward. Hence, you can expose your business in front of your potential customers. As a result, you can increase the conversion rates.

Compared to other social media platforms, Facebook ads are quite affordable. For example, a $1 ad that you spend each day can be exposed to at least 4,000 people who may not have seen your products. Facebook offers a wide range of ad types, optimized targeting, and low pricing, making this platform a good option for your cannabis products.    

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