Trends in logo design 2022

by Maisie

Logos are visual symbol (symbol symbol, emblem) that is commonly associated with a specific product or brand. It also serves as an advertising role that advertises a brand or a specific product. 2022’s logo trends vary and are based on specific projects, but generally they perform a single job, that is to create a logo that is unique and appealing to boost the brand’s visibility. After having studied the latest trends, you can design a logo with the Turbologo.

There are many major logo trends that will be in 2022, which we will discuss below.

The 90s style

In the 1990s the logos of a variety of popular brands were created. Trends in logo design that follow this period include the modernization of old logos or unique vintage logos, but also the introduction of modern components.

These logos are very vibrant and draw the attention of the user. In addition it tells some kind of story that customers will talk about, which could be a great way to promote for the company or brand.

Bright colors

One of the most recent trending areas is text logos. Logo designs for 2022 include the possibility of putting them on a variety of large websites (car banners, homes and so on.). Logos like this should draw the most attention from consumers.

It is for this reason that they must be unique in fonts and vibrant colors to grab the interest from consumers and also be memorable. Additionally numerous logos with text can be put on distinct websites, creating advertising opportunities.


The use of patterns that incorporate gradients into corporate logos are trending that is gaining popularity. Why is this? The main reason is the development of special software. Modern experts have everything they require to use the shades as precisely as they can. The results are astonishing.

What can we expect from the fashion of 2022? Expanding the color palette, and the development of innovative methods for applying the gradient. For instance, designers can employ methods to enhance or reduce the saturation of the chosen shade and change between colors or shades, etc.


Many businesses are trying to design the logo animation of 2022. The logo will attract the attention of consumers and tells a specific story that will create more trust in the company’s brand.

They are frequently talked about between consumers and, when the logo is properly executed and well-designed, it could be shared by users of different social networks and messaging platforms that will serve as an additional form of advertising for the company or brand.


This technique enhances the logo’s appearance and gives it an additional dimension. The layers are expertly designed to draw the viewer’s attention by placing a portion of the logo in the foreground while obscuring the rest within the background.

Layering is a technique that should be utilized to enhance the look of your logo, not make it look messy. It is not a good idea to add elements to your logo without taking into consideration the visuals and the message your brand conveys.

Layers allow you to mix and divide intricate design elements. In order to use layering efficiently take each element in isolation, but as an individual piece of work. Explore texture, thickness along with colors to create surprising and original layouts.


It is probably the most appropriate choice for different companies and agencies which are involved in different creative endeavors. A logo that is distinctive will demonstrate to the buyer the capabilities of the business and will eventually influence the buyer’s decision at a subconscious level. Additionally, an image will be able to identify companies from rivals.


Modern logos in 2020 are not just an emblem of the business. They also serve as an additional, and crucially, unpaid advertising for products or brands. With the latest trends in logos, you can design your own logo.

With the importance of the logo, it is advisable not to rush the creation of it and instead turn to experts who, based on the history of the business, its activities and abilities and will design a unique logo that is appropriate to the status of the company.

If the company decides to continue you decide to use a logo like this the expense of its design will help save money that is devoted to different promotions of the product or brand of the business.

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