top reasons to use custom plush toys for animal nonprofits

by Maisie

Thousands of animals end up in rescue shelters and pet adoption centers. These animal welfare organizations and charities have some of the most hardworking people. But without the much-needed funds, it is challenging to survive. They need a constant flow of money for good work and depend upon their loyal supporters for funds. However, they also need to reach out to new people to make a solid base of supporters and never run out of funds in the middle of a campaign. Many people like animals but cannot adopt them because of various constraints like time, lack of knowledge on how to take care, not getting support from their partners, etc. These people are ideal candidates for funds. But, how can you reach them when you have few resources? Ads are one method, but they are expensive – the solution is to use custom plush toys. You must be curious how can custom plush toys help with funds. Read on to find out.

Custom plush toys are ideal for your animal nonprofit:

They are relevant: Custom plush toys are relevant items for animal nonprofits because you can reach people who like animals but can not adopt them. It is an effective method to promote and raise funds for animal welfare issues. For example, if your run a dog shelter, you can reach people who like dogs with dog-plush toys and print the name of your organization on them.

They are popular: Custom plush toys are one of the most popular products among all age groups. Various research shows the same. 88% of people can recall the organization’s name when they get a unique item – custom plush toys are special; it is not every day that people get a plushie.

They appeal to everyone: The custom plush toys market is sprouting. The forecast is over 7.61% between the year 2022-2025. It is not a coincidence; both adults and children like them. They provide emotional support and hugging them feels good.

They are customizable: You can design custom plush toys according to the event or need. They have a large surface area to print your organization’s logo, slogan, or message.

They have high-attraction values: People make a buying decision emotionally and justify it rationally later. Custom plush toys make an emotional connection easily than other fundraiser products. Not that people do not have a t-shirt when participating in a t-shirt fundraiser – plush toys take the attraction value to another level. They can proudly display them to their friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.

They are long-lasting: It is necessary for animal welfare groups that people donate money regularly. If an item is durable, they are more likely to provide an impression for a long time. Custom plush toys do not break; people can wash them when they get dirty. Whenever they look at them, it will remind them of your animal nonprofit and motivate them to donate.

Fundraising tips:

Apart from maintenance and food, animal nonprofits need funds for heavy expenses like veterinary charges, equipment, rescue teams, staff, etc. Here are some ideas:

Crowdfunding is one of the most effective methods to raise funds for animal welfare groups. There are several helpful fundraising organizations, or you can use the custom plush toy on your website. People visiting the website can buy the plushie. When people get something in return for their good deeds, it is likely to increase the chances of donations. Plush toys are a lovely validation of their kind gesture.

Adoption drives: these are helpful to attract people who want to adopt pets but are reluctant. By initiating such events, you would get attention to your organization. People can tour the shelters and donate money for animals with custom plush toys – place them strategically at entry and inside.

Photo shoots: Instagram is ruling social media, and animal pictures are a tremendous hit. Use pictures of your supporters on your social media pages. Giveaway custom plush toys to the top donor each month for extra incentive. People seeing the pictures will feel motivated and want to continue their support. It will also attract new donors.

Connect with children: Pair with local schools and pet shops to raise money for your nonprofit. Parents can not deny their children’s demands, and custom plush toys are helpful for the same.

Dress-up events: people love their pets and groom them in adorable outfits. Organize a pet dress-up and ask people to bring their pets. Charge a small entrance fee and hand out custom plushies to the best-dressed pet.

Pet sports day is one of the most common and effective ways to raise money for animal welfare groups. They are fun and exciting for animals and people and get a lot of attention in the community. Arrange for friendly competition and give away custom plush toys as prizes.

Grooming: Cleaning up is a must for pets, and most people do not have the time to do it themselves. Organize a free grooming day and ask people to buy the custom plush toy; they would be happy to donate more. The idea is helpful because you can organize this kind of session frequently 2-3 times a month.

Use goodies: arrange for other products like t-shirts, photo frames, mugs, etc., to complement custom plush toys. It provides users to choose the donation they want. Set a reasonable price on every item to attract more people and make enough money to take care of vital tasks.

Organize pet care classes: many people want to adopt animals but avoid them because they lack knowledge about care. Help and encourage people by organizing pet care classes. People with pets can also learn and be more responsible. Ask people to buy the plush toys as an appreciation.

Pet sitting: allow people to donate food for the animals. And not monetary donations only. It will save a lot of money for your organization. Hand out custom plush toys and post pictures of your biggest donor each month for extra incentive.


While fundraising is challenging for animal nonprofits, we hope custom plush toys will make things easier. Remember that running successful campaigns requires time, passion, planning, and creative thinking. The same goes for manufacturing plush toys. Connecting with a reliable and expert manufacturer takes care of the issue. You can focus on implementing the ideas instead of worrying about design, quality, and delivery. EverLighten has helped startups, celebrities, nonprofits, sports teams, etc., for over eighteen years.

Andrea Strandlien – the inventor of the board game Haphazards – contacted EverLighten to manufacture plush toys according to the game character. She wanted to promote the game using custom plush toys before its big launch and contacted several suppliers, but they did not accept the project because of the design difficulty. The Antelope – the main game character – had complex antlers. However, our technical experts achieved the exact design and produced the plushie with 100% satisfaction. We also used special care for delivery because the antlers were delicate. She was delighted with the quality and gave a five-star rating.

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Advantages of EverLighten:

Best pricing: EverLighten has a factory manufacturing custom plush toys, so customers always get the best price.

Quality in every toy: We use only high-quality materials and the latest production methods.

Quick turnaround time: We produce every order in the least time possible.

Customer support: Customers can contact us anytime for their queries; we provide round-the-clock service.

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