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by Maisie

A compilation film can be an extremely powerful and memorable piece of cinema. These films combine real-life footage, interviews, and historical footage to tell a story. Some of these may include pre-recorded audio or talking heads. Other pieces may include sequences of physical activity or quotidian activities. As such, documentary films can often give viewers a sense of intimacy. The following are the top ten compilation films.

A number of great documentaries were made in 2019. While there are many compelling films about subjects ranging from climate change to the rise of modern technology, many of them are aimed at educating and entertaining the audience. One film that captures the essence of this genre is March of the Penguins. The film follows a group of emperor penguins in Antarctica as they make a 70-mile journey to reach a nesting site. Males watch over their eggs, while females trek further to feed. It was directed by Luc Jacquet and narrated by Morgan Freeman.

There were several notable documentary films released during the year. Many of these were nonfiction and explored important issues such as the Fyre Festival and the rise of the surveillance society. Another excellent film was The Inventor, which traces the history of the unicorn start-up Theranos. Whether you want to learn about the world’s most dangerous disease or about the most beautiful woman in the world, a documentary will help you understand the issue better.

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