Top 8 Video Editing Software That You Should Try! 

by Maisie

Everyone can edit a stunning video whether you’re a student, Youtuber, or a creative. You don’t need to pay a professional video editor for your holiday clips. The best video editing software will help you to do the magic! There are video editing tools for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Most video editing software will help you create epic movies and clips that will surely amaze your viewers. It wouldn’t cost you a fortune because some are free and budget-friendly. Some features of these tools include trimming video clips, adding video effects and transitions, while others would teach you how to make a video a live photo on iOS.

This article will give you an overview of various video editing software you can use. It is accessible, easy to learn, and excellent for enhancing your editing skills. Ready to start using those creative juices? Let’s begin!

1. Lightworks 

Lightworks is a free video editing software available across platforms. The appearance of this software reflects having professional-level video editing software capabilities. It is free software, so you don’t need a credit card to sign up. However, the free license could last for every seven days, but you can renew it. You only need to sign back into the application with your username and password.  

Lightworks features a drag-and-drop user interface, multi-cam, and multi-track video editing. It enables you to edit clips from multiple cameras into a single project. Moreover, it allows users to share projects and collaborate with other users while editing. Lightworks is great for multitaskers, and this video editing software can import and export videos while continuing the additional work.

2. PowerDirector

This video editing software is free of charge. It is very convenient for beginners because of its easy-to-use tools. PowerDirector has stunning effects and transitions that you can entirely use for free. It is user-friendly for all levels, from beginning to professional. This video editing software has Multiple AI tools, such as motion tracking, sky replacement, and audio enhancement. Moreover, its best features include numerous composition tools. It has chroma keys, masking, blending, and many more. 

PowerDirector is a prestigious PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award long-time winner. Thus, this video editing software transforms your video into masterpieces because of its professional and Al-powered tools. 

3. DaVinci Resolve

Many claimed that DaVinci Resolve is a mighty video editor. If you want video editing software for more advanced skills, this is for you. It features professional editing, effects, color, and audio post. This software requires advanced editing skills, as it is complicated on the first try. Davinci Resolve will become easy once you exert your time and dedication. As mentioned earlier, it features advanced features, such as intelligent color-correction tools. It allows users to edit skin tones, lip color, eye color. In addition, it also features the ability to produce high-quality visual effects and audio-editing capabilities.

4. Hitfilm Express

This video editing software is available for Mac and windows. It features no watermarks, 180 visual effects, and a good range of import formats. Hitfilm Express is accessible for making YouTube videos because it has direct uploading. It has 2D and 3D effects compositing, 4K video support, and 360-degree editing commonly used in paid editing software.

This best video editing software is excellent for producing films with 3D effects. Moreover, you can utilize it better with a high-powered laptop. Hitfilm Express offers video editing to create a professional-quality production. Prices start at around $7/£6 if you want to use the 60-degree text or extra color grading tools.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

This video editing software is among the industry-standard tools available on Windows and Mac. Professional video editors commonly use Adobe Premiere Pro to create high-quality video content, and it is excellent for the workflow of designers, VFX artists, and animators. Video interference enhances the users’ productivity by portioning their works into different workspaces. It is very accessible, helps you manage specific tasks, and minimizes distraction.

Adobe Premiere Pro provides 4K, 8K, and VR formats for better quality. The best features include great collaboration and fine-tuning tools that upgrade your editing skills. Adobe Premiere Pro gives you a high degree of control and precision. Now, you can work on an unlimited number of video tracks and import them on various video streaming platforms. In addition, this video editing software allows you to have a customizable keyboard for easy access. \

6. OpenShot 

OpenShot is a great video editing software for beginners. It features a minimalist drag-and-drop interface, easy to stack layers of unlimited video. Moreover, features include soundtracks, overlapping videos, and images. It is accessible to new video creators because it has various templates that you can use and customize. 

OpenShot has various editing tools similar to other best video editing software, including video enhancing, crop, trimming video and audio, rotating, and resizing. You can adjust and improve brightness, contrast, color grading, and gamma. OpenShot is open-source, which means no frustrating ads, watermarks, or paid upgrades. Thus, this best video editing software is a good package for those newbie editors because it is legitimately a free video editing software.

7. VideoPad

VideoPad is a free video editor with a simple interface and stunning features suitable for beginners and advanced video creators. This best video editing software has various template transitions and sound effects to minimize your video editing. VideoPad has advanced features, including camera shake reduction tools that will help to enhance your video films. In addition, this software gives users numerous audio tracks and an entire sound effect library. 

Videopad does not require you to have advanced editing skills right away. This best editing software creates a simple, clean, and stunning video without much video expertise. Therefore, Videopad is an easy-to-learn platform for beginners and advanced video editors. 

8. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is a free video editing software suitable for filmmakers on Macs. It features excellent special effects, an easy-to-learn interface, 4K editing and sharing, and 1020p and 60 fps video shots. Apple iMovie’s notable feature is its flexibility, and it allows users to work on either a Mac laptop or desktop. You can also switch to your Apple iPad to continue your editing. Apple iMovie is a great workspace to create clean and simple video content.

Concluding Thoughts 

The best video editor will make a stunning video, but it’s your extraordinary ability to make it possible! Let your creativity grow through the process, and never stop your passion. Pour your heart into your art, because with the right tools, you can do it. Thank you for reading until the end, and be sure to visit for more tech guides!

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