Top 11 PC Games Under 500 MB That You Should Definitely Try

by Maisie

Today we have VR-based highly immersive games available for PCs and consoles. Yet, many among us miss the old PC games? Others have storage space issues on their PC. Thanks to Spectrum Gold package, I can easily download such retro and classic games to relive the experience. They also consume less storage space! If you are looking for classical games or ones that do not clog your hard drive, look no further. This blog is about some of the best ones from the past! And guess what! They are all less than 500 MB.

Drift Force

“Drift force” is one of the best racing games from the past. Race along with other racers. The game is quite different from the rest and it’ll only take a space of 443 MB on your hard drive. The best part about this game is that its graphics are quite sharp.


War Wind 2: Human Onslaught

Even though the characters in this game look a little ugly at the first glance, it is an entertaining one, to say the least. You won’t find many games like War Wind 2: Human Onslaught. The size of the game is only 423 MB. It is a 2D flying game.

Gone Home

This is an excellent game for creative mindsets. Users have to rack their brains and investigate crime scenarios. You can progress to levels of higher difficulty after solving each case. The game becomes more challenging as you advance further. The game takes up only 492 MB of storage. It belongs to the horror and detective genre. The graphics are quite good and realistic.

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

You may want to try Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear if your computer does not have a high-end graphics card. Even though you may not be able to play games such as Call of Duty, you will still be able to have a remarkable gaming experience with this game. The game is only 440 MB in size and comes with reasonably good graphics.

Spiderman 2000

Everyone likes Spiderman, and particularly children. A game from the 2000s, this one has been a favorite of many. Quite a popular game during its first years, it only takes up 464 MB in storage space.


Zombie Hobby VR

For best results, play this game with a VR headset. You will love the experience. However, if you do not have VR gear, you can simply play this game on a PC. The game is available in a storage size of 402 MB only.

Sim City 3000

An excellent game for future engineers and builders, Sim City 3000 is quite addictive and can allow you to build an entire empire! From houses to skyscrapers, and offices to public parks, you can make anything. The fun part is that the game does not take up a lot of space on your PC. Make profits on the buildings you develop to make money and build even more!

Sniper: Path of Vengeance

Sniper is one of the deadliest weapons of the modern age. Even a single bullet can prove to be fatal. Sniper: Path of Vengeance is a shooting game. Here, you can shoot your enemies down and progress to higher levels. The graphics quality is pretty good and the game only takes up a storage space of 470 MB.

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is another shooting game. If you’re into shooting games, you must definitely try this masterpiece. Even though a few years old, the gameplay is insanely good even today. You can compare it to Call of Duty and you will see the quality for yourself. The best part about the game is that it’s only going to take 436 MB of your storage space. So, if you have a storage issue, even then you can download and play Half-Life 2.


Soldier Elite

Soldier Elite has a very strong storyline. It is an inspiring story of a soldier who is willing to die for his country while fighting against its enemies. As a soldier, you get to take down mean enemies who want to disrupt the peace of your country. The game is 435 MB only. It is a shooting-based game that comes with reasonably good graphics.

Truck & Trailer

If you like to drive cars but are still too young to drive, then Truck and Trailer is for you. It’s a very good game that allows you to drive trucks and progress to new missions. The game size is only 405 MB.


Did you know that you can play many of these games on your mobile phone as well? I play them on my phone even on the go with my Spectrum mobile plans, and an emulator. This experience is thrilling, to say the least. You should try it as well.

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