Top 10 Reasons why you should be AWS Certified

by Maisie

Amazon Web Services can be considered as a collection of more than 100 cloud services that permits various companies to launch the computation, database, storage, security, and other resources.

All of these can be then leveraged to create the full application environments which will assist the businesses to run various applications, reduce the expenditure and scale up the operations. Amazon web services provide users with the ability to create and launch services and models which are utilized in various cases. Those are respectively;

AWS Certification Training

AWS also assists in building up robust delivery networks through the usage of various services for the purpose of distributing static and constant files like images and videos to different locations of the world. Vinsys will help you to choose the right AWS Certification Course

Now the reasons for becoming an AWS certified person would be the following;

1. The adoption of cloud statistics is the inclination of a cloud technology-based future –

Cloud technologies are actually becoming the future of many organizations in the various sectors of business. Primarily it can be said that; emerging technological advancements like artificial intelligence and machine learning are actually pushing forward cloud technology.

There are various kinds of amazon web services cloud practitioner essentials which further helps in the categorizing as well as segmentation.

According to statistics; it has been predicted that; 83% of the enterprise workloads will be shifted in the cloud by the year 2020.

Amazon web services cloud computing is up for turning into a major necessity within the information technology professionals.

2. Amazon Web Services remains the market leader in the IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) cloud computing –

The market of worldwide infrastructure as a service witnessed the growth of 29.5% through the well-accepted fact by the industry that cloud adoption services are well received by the organizations.

Amazon Web services held more than half of the share of the IAAS market and it has become a well-grounded proven fact that AWS has become the market leader in IAAS cloud computing.

Also, the cloud practitioner essentials specially curated and designed by AWS help a lot in understanding and developing a sense of the most widely utilized platform.

3. Getting certified is in itself a distinction of your resume –

It is getting increasingly found that; in order to make a career in cloud computing jobs; the professionals are demanded to be adaptable and relevant to the sudden alterations, changes, and year after year growth.

Therefore, getting certified with the AWS developer associate exam actually keeps you updated with the fast-growing market.

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4. AWS Certification leads to a high paying job –

Amongst the current information technology certifications; AWS certifications rank much high on the list of highest paying certifications and jobs.

The AWS certified developer ranks 4 in the list of the highest paying certifications. On the other hand; AWS certified solutions architect ranks 2nd amongst the associate certification holders.

That is why; AWS solution architect professionals happen to obtain a lot of benefits and advantages from these schemes and methodologies.

5. AWS Certification is an accomplishable ambition –

AWS certification has been around for many years now. There are many resources and pathways as well as information to assist the prospective exam takers in learning AWS.

Usually, AWS architect training modules come in the form of live instructor-led training, virtual and digital training along many books and forums which are existing in the subject.

Many a time, AWS architect training offers a combination of theories and well-grounded hands-on exposure towards the core service of the platform.

6. Expansion of Career and Expertise through Speciality Tracks –

With the learning understanding of AWS services and receiving the certification is only the start of the pathway.

There is a brand new introduction of AWS specialty track certifications in various subjects like networking and security which enhances the skills you have as well as offers you the opportunity of learning various new aspects of the platform.

7. The eligibility of Subject Matter Expert program through AWS certification –

Various individuals get qualified through the different subject matter expert programs of AWS.

In order subject matter experts can attend different types of workshops as well as can contribute in examination development processes. This eventually helps you in accomplishing more services and features sets which leaves a mark of contribution to society.

8. AWS certification is the demonstration of your credibility and expertise to the customer and potential clients –

Trust, credibility, and reliability happen to be important factors; while working in a client-facing role; or working with AWS relative technologies, etc.

Competence can be best known through certification, also customers have a notion of dealing with experts related technology; thus it is on the brighter side to be one.

Certifications always show that; you have gone through the complete training and patchworks also. The clients will get attracted as well as the potential customers will have dependency and interest.

9. AWS certification happens to be the doorway to partner program benefits –

With the increase in the AWS certified members in an organization, the companies get eligible with different tiers of AWS partner programs.

AWS partner program happens to be the doorway for many organizations to an AWS partner. Organizations receive access to a range of resources and training to better support customers working with the AWS services.

10. AWS certification opens up the opportunity for you to be a part of the AWS community –

Certified candidates receive greater working opportunities; as well as gain access to AWS certified LinkedIn community; alongshore receiving invites to regional events and free practice exams for the preparation of other certifications.

Amazon also opens up the chance for you to display your credentials to the world through the official certified AWS logo and digital badges.

Conclusion –

Henceforth, it can be pretty well realized and understood how much importance really AWS certification holds! So, dear students, semi-professionals, and professionals, please choose this opportunity carefully and become an AWS certified personality; so that; you can be really fit & fine as well as well adopted with the core ingredients of AWS certification.

We just wish the very best for you for AWS Certification Training Journey!

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