Top 10 Reasons to Get PMP Certified In 2022

by Maisie

Project management professional certification is accepted worldwide, and people qualified for this get added benefits in every job. Yes, that’s true. Every organization requires a professional who can lead big projects and entertain all the requirements on time. PMP Certification helps fulfill essential and common skills for project managers in every organization. 

Aside from the ones described below, there are many other reasons to pursue PMP Training and certification. The following are the top 10 reasons to get a PMP certification because it will have an immediate direct benefit that can be quantified and others that may not be stated below but will be realized over time and experience.

Grow Your Career 

Compared to a non-PMP, a PMP-trained professional might earn up to 20% more. The typical annual compensation for Project Managers with PMP certification is roughly 109,000 USD, with the potential for career advancement increasing with time and performance. The PMP certification confirms that you can be trusted to handle and deliver positive results using your talents, proper resource management, and excellent team management abilities. The certification’s qualifying criteria demonstrate that this is not a certification that can be undertaken by amateurs but rather by qualified professionals who have been personally involved in the management and delivery of a project.

Receive Global Recognition 

The certification is internationally recognized, and it attests to your abilities and knowledge in handling projects as a capable leader. The training improves your capacity to apply strategies and approaches. These methods are well-defined and lay across process groups and knowledge domains.

Stand out from the Crowd 

There are various professional certificates that you can obtain throughout your career, but the PMP is the most valuable. When the interviewer learns that you are a PMP certified project manager, he wants to know what degree of quality you will have in your learnings, previous project management skill sets, decision-making ability, and, most crucially, what basic remuneration package you will be capable of. Therefore, by simply stating on your resume that you are a PMP certified project manager, you may expect to gain that much weight.

Enhance your Leadership Skills 

Leaders see challenges as opportunities, and PMP training facilitates the development of leadership traits. Each project manager has a critical role, and the project manager must be aware of the project dynamics. Issues within and outside the project, build effective resource identification and allocation, and operate within time constraints. The Project Manager is in charge of all tasks.

Learn and Apply Project Management Knowledge Areas 

The knowledge areas covered in PMP training are essential for efficient project management. We recognize 49 processes and ten knowledge areas common to most projects. The process groups of project definition, project planning, project execution, monitoring and controlling, and project closing overlap. Every project’s chronological phases are shown here.

Good Job Opportunities 

A PMP Certification opens up new career paths in the project management field and increases job chances for individuals in the project management field. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report, PMP-certified project managers are used in 80% of high-performing projects. In addition, according to the PMI Pulse of the Profession report, firms with more than 35 percent PMP qualified project managers outperformed those without a certification significantly.

Develop Problem Solving Skills 

A project manager who has earned the PMP certification is also noted for his problem-solving abilities. You will be entrusted with tackling complex problems daily while heading a project. With PMP Training, you’ll acquire a variety of creative and innovative problem-solving tactics and strategies that will help you assure the project’s success. In addition, as a result of your previous project management experience and the learnings you will get during the PMP program, your skill sets in project issue solving will be enhanced.

Improves Self-Confidence 

PMP training and certification are beneficial to your confidence level in your everyday work regardless of the business. Learning the right skills and information leads to increased self-confidence. Experience helps, and the ingredients’ appropriate proportions provide the wanted meaningful and quantifiable results.

Get More Challenging Projects 

Individuals who complete PMP training gain the knowledge and abilities to be confident and equipped to lead complex projects confidently and equipped. The PMP certification also provides the necessary approach and technical expertise to complete projects on schedule.

Improves Team and Employee Management 

Working on a project almost guarantees that you will meet and collaborate with people from different walks of life. Of course, some are more experienced, skilled, and motivated than others, but not all of them will become excellent team members. PMP training will enable you to grasp how team members should be managed to maximize their output, much as all fingers of a hand are not equal but together make an inseparable and tenacious relationship and provide the necessary strength.


There are more reasons than these to get a PMP certificate as early as you can in your life. PMP certification will always keep high and out of the list from a regular crowd. Many online institutions prepare PMP aspirants by providing early access to study material and weekend classes. You can either join online classes or opt-out of offline regular training classes. Keeping consistency in your preparation, you can reach the heights in your Project Management journey. 

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