Tips to Decorate Your Coffee Table

by Maisie

Almost every house has a small centre table in their living room. Also referred to as the coffee table, such a small table comes in various designs. It is one of the critical parts for a decorator while decorating a living room.

It involves fantastic science to create these unique tablescapes, such as objects or an artistic combination of flowers, books, coasters, etc. Singapore is known for its unique practice of art and culture. Applying such knowledge in even the basics of home décor ideas can take the entire aura of the home to another level.

Here are a few such ideas to help inspire you to decorate your small centre table.

Maintain Balance

It would make your table look quite cluttered when you arrange an extensive collection of several knick-knacks. Instead, choose large items that appear heavy and cumbersome to decorate the small corner table. This would maintain the balance of the sizes and complement the variation among display items.

Stick to Your Palette

It is always a great idea to stick to the room’s colour palette while decorating a small centre or corner table. It makes the style of the room appear cohesive overall. Choose your décor pieces wisely to complement the accent of the living room where you locate your table.

For instance, a room with white pillows, blue and white striped throw blanket on white chairs would be highlighted even better with a minimalistic décor piece on the table. It can be fresh flowers or lush leaves.

Display Some Fresh Florals

Fresh flowers always make a difference in a space. If your living room could use an elevation of style and elegance, you can get subtle colours of flowers. However, if you are unable to purchase fresh flowers, there are fake flowers in the market. They would do the job fine. It would be the cherry topping if you already own a vase to hold the bouquet of flowers. You can refer to some fresh floral ideas for home décor in Singapore online for inspiration.

Add Large Coffee Table Trays

Large trays always take the sophistication of a corner table to the next level. Besides, it is pretty stunning how a large table can keep everything enclosed. Moreover, it is also practical. Whenever you need the table for some game or similar purposes, you can simply lift the tray, and everything on top of it will be out of the way.

Trays are also an interesting approach to making things interesting by adding contrasting textures. While you choose the large tray, ensure to have a clear idea of the size of the room, the table you bought, and the size of the tray you purchase. Maintain the balance of sizes along with the texture of the room you have set the table in.

Use Coasters

If you are not a fan of stains and water rings, the best way to avoid these inconveniences is to use coasters on your table. Not only are they practical and prevent stains on the table, but they also pose as elegant and classy décor pieces to your table.

Ensure to match the coaster design to your table. Besides, you get to choose from a wide variety of options that come in matching sets and add a hint of personality to your table. Most coaster sets come with coordinated holders to hold your coasters in place, neatly organised. You can simply take one as you sit at the table with your cup of coffee.


Designing your own home requires a proper understanding of the type of space you want to create for yourself.

With such knowledge, you can design your living room. And a coffee table adds to the overall appearance of your living room. So, it is highly crucial to be particular about your choices!

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