Three Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Birthday Party

by Maisie

Memories Are the Finest Wealth

Nobody can take what you remember from you. Even in the most advanced age, the elderly will recall pristine moments from their childhood as though they happened yesterday. Maybe not every moment is remembered, but the important ones stand out. Birthdays tend to be that way to begin with, but some are more memorable than others.

Here we’ll explore three things you should keep in mind to give your friend, spouse, coworker or family member a birthday they’ll never forget, and can reminisce on for the rest of their lives

  1. Do Something New to the Guest of Honor
    Novelty stimulates memory. You’ll remember the first time you went bike riding more than the 500th time. Think about it. You remember the first time you got on a bike, you remember your most astonishing crashes. Do you remember every single excursion? Could you enumerate the number of times you’ve ridden a bicycle?

Yet there have definitely been bike trips more memorable than your first time, which for some reason you’ve forgotten. Why? They were “business as usual”. You were going faster, you were seeing beautiful sites, but they didn’t stimulate your long-term memory. Well, with birthdays, packages, cards, songs, and cake are par for the course.

If you shake it up, though, doing something they’ve never experienced, then they’ll remember the party. A surprise party is great for that sort of thing; though you don’t want to throw one if they’ve had such a party before, not unless they’ve been dropping hints. On that note, if they do drop hints, listen—but deliver in a way they don’t quite expect for the best results.

  1. Keep in Mind For Whom You’re Throwing the Party
    Some people absolutely hate surprise birthday parties, so you want to remember that and think about who you’re throwing the get-together for. At the following link you’ll find some general guidelines on how to tailor a special birthday for different sorts of recipients; be they friends, spouses, family, or co-workers.

You want to be a lot more in-depth with a spouse than you do with a coworker. For a friend, you can likely get away with some hilarious “joke” gifts.

  1. Be Sure to Have Fun
    This is a tip that seems like it should go without saying, but it absolutely does not. Imagine being the birthday boy, and your wife is throwing you a surprise party. Now imagine she goes all out doing everything she can to the point where she gets stressed without realizing it.

Now she’s demanding everyone have fun, and things are spiraling out of control. Tackle party ideas you can handle so you’re able to have legitimate fun during the party. Otherwise, you’ll make it memorable for the wrong reasons. Remember: good party hosts have fun.

A Birthday Party They’ll Always Cherish
Have fun, know who you’re throwing the party for, and do something they haven’t experienced before. These three things will produce a memorable birthday celebration everyone will look back on fondly.

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