Things You Need To Know About MSVCP Missing Error

by Maisie

No matter where you are, Windows is the most common operating system. While there are various OS worldwide, Windows is the most prevalent one. The first operating system made it easier for the general population to interact with the computer and helped utilize it to its maximum capabilities.

However, Windows might be easy to use, but it is prone to different malfunctions. Fortunately, once these problems are identified, many are easy to fix, and one can do it easily by following a few basic steps.

Amongst all the problems, it is noticed that Dynamic Library issues are the most common in this operating system. These libraries house various functions of the computers, and when a function is missing or not installed properly, it can hamper the computer’s functionality. You might see msvcp140.dll missing error in your computer. But before diving into how to fix the issue, it is essential to understand the basics.

What Is The Function Of Msvcp140 File?

This link in the library dictates certain visual commands and aspects of the OS. If the system has any program based on C++, it might not function properly.

What Is The “Msvcp140.dll Missing” Error?

The windows operating system runs on various functions that are stored in a library. The links in the library dictate commands and operations that are essential for the optimal functioning of the system. Your system will show this message when the DLL file is missing. However, these links are developed in-house by Microsoft instead of any third party making them easier to fix.

What Is The Cause Of The Missing DLL?

The most probable cause of the missing dynamic links is an error in the installation of the file. Moreover, it could also be because the file was downloaded but not placed in the right folder.

In some rare cases, the error could also arise from a virus that might replicate in the computer and malfunction other drivers in the library.

How To Fix The Error?

When you see the msvcp140.dll missing error prompt on your computer, there are three ways to fix it.

  • Automatic download link

There are many software solutions on the internet that you can download on your computer. These computer programs will peruse the dynamic link library to find any errors or missing drivers in the library. After the initial analyses, if any drivers are found missing, the program will download the driver and install them in the right folder. This saves you the hassle of browsing through multiple drivers and finding the right one for your computer. The automatic method is a boon for people unfamiliar with the operating system’s technical aspects.

  • Manual download and installation

If you know the specifications of your computer, whether it is a 32-bit or a 64-bit, then you can manually download the drivers for the OS. After downloading the driver, you must place it in the right folder and install it to fix the error promptly. But, if you are unaware of the right version of the DLL you need, it might take a long time for you to figure it out. So, only opt for this method if you know the specifications.

These are some of the different things you must know about MSVCP to fix the error and restore the functioning of C++ programs.

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