Things to Know Before Getting a Pixie Cut

by Maisie

A pixie cut is a hairstyle you should try out when all the other hairstyles seem not to suit you perfectly. All you have to do when styling a pixie is to ensure that the bangs are kept soft for that neat appearance. The hairstyle requires very minimal styling as too much can damage the elegant appearance it should have. It is also important to note that you can use hair products to enhance the texture of your pixie.

Adding volume to your hair also helps ensure that your pixie looks elegant and fashionable. However, there are a few things that you should know before you get a pixie cut hairstyle. They include;

1. There Is No Pixie Size That Fits Everyone

It is important to note that no particular pixie size suits everyone. This means you have a variety to choose from and get an elegant pixie size for your face shape and hair type. Therefore, do not limit yourself to a certain pixie size. Some of the pixie types to try out are; the short pixie, long pixie, a pixie with an undercut, and even a pixie without side bangs.

2. You Do Not Have a Get a Perfect Pixie On The First Appointment

Before you get a pixie cut, it is crucial to know that the perfect style does not have to come out after the first appointment. According to professional hairstylists, a perfect pixie usually turns out after three to four hair appointments. This is because the hair first starts with a lob, then advances to a bob, and then the pixie takes shape.

Therefore, you should not expect a perfect pixie when visiting the hairstylist. This calls for patience if you want to rock a perfect pixie eventually.

3. It Is Important To Consider The Face Shape

The shape of your face is a very important consideration to make when choosing the right type of pixie to have. This is because just because a certain pixie cut worked for someone else, does not mean it will work for you. People have different face shapes, meaning they will look good on certain pixie types.

Therefore, always consult your hair stylist on the pixie styles best suit your face shape. The different cuts are usually made to balance the different angles that your face has and can help conceal or highlight certain facial features.

4. Pixies Allow You To Try Various Makeup Looks

Most people do not know that pixies allow you to get creative and explore various things with your makeup. And for sure, most women are looking for a ridiculously versatile hairstyle like this.

Choosing the right pixie cut depending on your face shape and complexion gives you a greater chance of playing around with varying make-up without looking strange. Now that the pixie helps to mold the face shape, you get an extra chance to get creative with make-up and be able to rock it specifically for each occasion you are attending. That’s where the versatility of pixies comes in!

5. You Can Try Out Different Looks

Forget the assumption that you will have limited styling options once you get a pixie. On the contrary, pixies can be trimmed occasionally for a different look. Depending on your hair growth rate, you can rock a different pixie cut after six weeks. The biggest advantage with pixies is that you can achieve a different style by trimming the hair, unlike other hairstyles when you need to restyle the hair completely.

This does not, however, mean that pixies are high-maintenance hairstyles. The only thing required is to ensure that you regularly trim the outgrown hair for a fresh look.

6. A New Styling Routine is Required

The fact that pixies are low-maintenance hairstyles does not mean that they do not need to be styled. Once you get a pixie cut, you will need a styling routine that you will use to lay down the hair for a perfect outcome. It does not need to be complex as long as it creates a perfect appearance.

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