Things to Consider Before Getting a Divorce

by Maisie

The pandemic has put a strain on Australian relationships, with family therapists and attorneys reporting an increase in clients seeking counselling or divorce due to the lockdowns in Brisbane. According to research conducted by Relationships Australia, 42% of participants had experienced a negative shift in their spousal relationships.

If you feel any difficulty with your marriage, you may have considered talking to an expert in family law in Brisbane northside for the legal arrangements. However, a divorce is no small decision, so here are key things you should consider before filing for one.

Long-Term Feelings

Divorce is always a tough decision, and many Australians have valid reasons for ending their marriage. However, you need to consider various issues, including your finances, children, and of course—your happiness. Always remember that your feelings matter.

That said, aside from what you feel right now, you should also consider how you might feel years or even decades from now. While separation may be the best option for some couples, others may come to regret this in the long run. Thus, it is essential to take your time discerning the situation before making an impulse decision.

Financial Situation

One cannot feel surprised that filing a divorce has a significant financial impact. Even after you finalize the divorce, you may run across issues like paying for your place instead of sharing funds to support one home with your partner.

Given this, you need to assess your financial situation thoroughly. Settlements are agreements that will determine how you divide or exchange properties and assets. Unless the court decides differently, divorce property settlements in Brisbane usually result in the couple sharing their assets.

Child Relationships

While the Family Law Act in Australia stipulates that couples must be separated for twelve months before filing for divorce, you do not have to wait that long to resolve other legal issues arising from your separation. Children are always at the top of the priority list for divorce disputes. Divorce can have a range of effects on your children, so you need to consider how to care for them amid the rocky transition.

Family courts will want to know how time will be split between the parents, where the children will live, and who will financially support them. In most cases, an amicable divorce will result in children sharing time between parents, so you must plan this thoroughly. As much as possible, the goal is to put as little stress as possible on your children.

Legal Arrangements

While divorce is the most challenging experience a person may go through in their life, one should not go through it alone. On top of the overwhelming feelings you have, you also need to go through tons of paperwork. This can all be intimidating, so you should hire a lawyer specializing in family law in Brisbane northside to help you out.

By consulting a professional, you will have a better grasp of the legal arrangements involved in the transition and have time to focus on other elements of your life.

Divorce is never an easy decision. Thus, before you and your partner decide to divorce, think about essential things like your feelings, financial condition, children, and all the legalities. Take solace in the fact that—as painful as the process may be—divorce may be the start of something new.

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