The Underwear Drawer: 8 Significant Steps On How To Stock It For Every Occasion

by Maisie

If you’re wondering how to stock your underwear drawer to be prepared for every occasion, you’re not alone! There are so many variables that go into deciding what kind of underwear to wear at any given time of day or night that it can start to overwhelm a man who wants to be well-prepared at all times.

In this guide, we will lay out exactly what you need to stock your underwear drawer for every occasion, how much each kind of underwear costs, and other important considerations when it comes to choosing your perfect Daily Jocks. Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Drawer Sizes

First, you’ll need to consider what size drawer you will be stocking and how much space you have available. The most commonly sized drawers are usually dresser drawers and hope chests.

Small dresser drawers can only fit a couple of pairs of socks or underwear at a time, so larger drawers are best if you want space for your entire sock and underwear collection. Small chests can hold multiple pairs of socks, while bigger chests could even fit a shirt or two alongside your socks and underwear. Measure your drawer size before heading out to purchase new items so that nothing is wasted later!

Step 2 – Basic Materials

Pack of Jocks (1 to 4), and Briefs (1 to 2). These are generally standard sizes for all men, regardless of height or waist size. The bigger you get in both, but mostly waist size is when you need custom or speciality underwear. In that case, check out companies like Daily Jocks, who will guide you through custom fitting and provide professionally fitted underwear, either in-store or via mail order at relatively low cost (for premium designer wear).

Step 3 – Add Basics

Picking out your underwear should be a strategic act. It’s one thing to look awesome when you’re at a party, but what about those days when you spend your day running errands and hitting meetings? Have an answer ready for anyone who says that there is no suitable undergarment.

Classic brands have great cuts and clean lines—they even make something called boxer briefs designed specifically for athletic guys with big legs. If we are talking about choosing business wear in terms of shoes, suits, etc., then do NOT wear un-fun underwear! Go sexy! 

Step 4 – Get Stylish

This isn’t just about having a great wardrobe but keeping it well stocked and organized. Most of us don’t consider underwear as a fashion item, but that’s exactly what you’re packing when you have clothes in your drawer. If you think about your daily life and how many different occasions call for different looks, think about how many different occasions call for different underwear styles.

When was the last time you checked out all of your options? Don’t stop with bras, either—how are things looking in boxers and briefs? Have an area in your closet or dresser designated specifically for all of these items so they are easy to access at any time.

Step 5 – Go Funky

First, it’s important to understand that there are two different kinds of underwear out there. Boxers, briefs and trunks all serve a purpose. Each is designed for specific situations; if you’re regularly facing some of these scenarios then you need specific underwear. If not, then stick with what you already know!

Think about what types of activities you do most often (exercise? daily chores?) and take a few moments to consider how your choice in underwear can help. For example, if boxers are normally your go-to but don’t work well when doing yard work in a pair of cargo shorts then make sure you have some trunk or brief style underwear on hand—you could end up saving yourself from nicks and scrapes!

Step 6 – Accessorize

Accessories can help bring an outfit together. They can also be a great way to accessorize something you already have in your closet that needs an update. A new belt, scarf or tie are all perfect choices, depending on what you already have in your wardrobe and how much cash you want to spend.

Getting creative with accessories is a great way to personalize your style and set yourself apart from other guys who might be rocking similar looks. To help you get started here are some accessories tips that will make sure your old threads look like new again: Add Some Color: Adding one vibrant pop of colour to your shoes, socks or belt is a simple way to add some life to an otherwise all-black ensemble.

Step 7 – Save Some Space For Special Occasions

A daily jock is a great addition to your basic underwear drawer, and a fun way to spice up a weekend or special event, but as you’re shopping for underwear, take some time and also think about what kind of special occasions require appropriate special underwear. Do you have something in mind? Maybe a costume party or anniversary? Or perhaps you want that extra something special when going out with your significant other. Whatever lingerie items suit your tastes and needs, make sure there’s space in your drawers and budget for them!

Step 8 – Keep Things Clean

Make sure your underwear drawer is always clean and organized. Keep only items you need in there; not things that you haven’t worn in years, or things you don’t like to wear anymore but can’t seem to throw away because they cost so much or were a gift from a special someone.

Have enough sets of underwear so that you always have one clean set available and wash everything on time. Never leave them in too long – even though they don’t get dirty like clothes, they still accumulate sweat and oil over time, making them smelly and unpleasant.


It is important to keep a well-stocked underwear drawer so that you always have fresh and clean choices in your wardrobe. You may be surprised at how much you can do with just a couple of pairs, or you might come to realize how much variety you need! Either way, once your wardrobe is organized and has been laid out properly, shopping becomes easier. You’ll also notice that when laundry day comes around, keeping up with it will also be easier. Now go forth and organize all those drawers!

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