The Most Cultural Cities in South Carolina

by Maisie

Culture is important when you’re picking where to visit and even more vital when looking at places to move.  Whether you’re traveling through this gorgeous state for a road trip, or you’re looking for where you should land next, these are the most cultural cities in South Carolina!

Make sure to bring an appetite and some sunscreen, and you’ll have the time of your life here! 


There’s no way to make a list of culturally vital cities in South Carolina without including Charleston.  This gorgeous older city feels like a piece of art.  Its streets frame beautiful old homes and buildings, and gorgeous flowering trees sweep low over the streets to create large swaths of cool shade.

Whether you’re into visual arts or you want to enjoy some of the best jazz and theater in the world, you should consider looking for Charleston houses for sale.  This city knows how to do culture right.  


If you’re interested in good food and a great mix of big and small-town flavor: it’s time to head to Edgefield.  This tiny town may have less than ten thousand people in it, but it’s overflowing with artists.  Seen as a retreat for the creative, you can visit and take in beautiful pottery, ironworks, theater, and multiple museums.  In the summer, live music is played in the parks so you can lounge and enjoy an easy afternoon outside.  There’s no place better to slow down and take in the beauty.

This is a surprisingly affordable place to live and vacation, ensuring you can get the most out of your trip while sitting extremely close to the Georgia state border that gave this city its name.  

Myrtle Beach

Although this might not be what most people think of as a cultural center: Myrtle Beach is so much more than a vacation town.  Of course, the endless stretch of white sand and the beautiful ocean is fantastic, but it’s more than that.

This city is full of artists and creative people who take their inspiration from living oceanside, and you can see it in every building you go to.  From the gorgeous art museums, and fantastic architecture throughout the city, to the awesome street arts and literary arts, you’ll be amazed by this city.


This South Carolina Cultural District is a city that you won’t want to ignore.  If you love festivals, live music, theater, and visual arts: you’ll love downtown, Beaufort.  Surrounded by gorgeous streams and rivers, the city emerges out of the water like art made of glass and steel.  Although homes here can easily reach over a million dollars in cost, getting to live here gives you the chance to live amongst art and creatives.  Who knows: living here might spark your creativity as well!

South Carolina Understands the Need for Culture

Although some may not see South Carolina as a cultural hub, this entire state knows how to create amazing art.  From the incredible food to the great music and visual arts, once you arrive, you’ll never want to leave!  

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