The leather harness trend: open up your femininity

by Maisie

Fashion is an impermanent phenomenon: it is always changing and moving forward. Tastes and preferences in clothing and accessories are changing, new trends and trends are emerging. However, the fashion for femininity has always been and will be relevant.

Many men seek to find in women not only the beauty of their appearance, but also femininity, then they feel stronger and courageous.

Femininity is a state of mind, and a properly chosen style that reflects your inner state and mood adds zest.

The significance of female community and the ways in which they support women’s empowerment. These groups play a crucial role in inspiring women to be the best versions of themselves and to understand that we are more powerful together.

How do designers interpret femininity in contemporary fashion?

After quarantine oversize tracksuits and the popularity of ugly-fashion, the preferences turned towards pronounced sexuality. Incredible power is also possessed by those styles that, as if by chance, demonstrate any part of the female figure.

Let’s pay attention to fashion trends from the latest collections that emphasize femininity. Leather corsets and belts, leather lingerie of different colors are very popular. And you can choose the best color options in the online store

Harness: features and varieties

The women harness usually consists of several leather straps of varying lengths tied around the body; in most cases, the basis of a fashionable novelty is a belt at the waist.

The classic model wraps around the waist and shoulders like a backpack. There are products with a choker collar, with a vertical strap along the back or crossed. Some models of leather harnesses for women resemble suspenders. There can be several belts – such accessories are called a corset. The stripes can be crossed or arranged in parallel. X-harnesses look very nice. They are made with crosses, and not only on the back, but also on the chest. In the middle of the belt, the belts can be connected with a metal ring.

Some leather harness women wear a belt both on clothes and on a naked body.

The magic of women’s leather harness

The layering will add incredible expression to your look. Weaves of leather straps, collected in interesting patterns and weaves under the bust, emphasize the femininity of the curves of your figure, give clarity to the silhouette.

A leather women’s harness looks good with white T-shirts or minimalist dresses. Transparent, translucent airy fabrics in combination with a belt made of thin straps will add confidence and mystery to your image. A mysterious body harness woman, what could be more attractive for a man?

For example, you can experience first hand the energy of clothes with an open shoulder line, a pair of unbuttoned buttons, an open back, cutouts or slits.

It is only worth considering the rule of balance – if there is an open element on a thing, otherwise it should be restrained and modest. Therefore, when combining layering in clothes with women’s leather harnesses, remember that it is important not to overdo it here. The image should be harmonious and feminine, not vulgar and rude. The line between elegance and vulgarity when wearing a harness is very thin. You could choose elegant harness with dress or on a neck body. A a huge selection of the high-quality harnessess and accessories you can find here. It depends on the situation and your own test.

Due to the fact that the fashionable novelty emphasizes the female curves, it is better for slim girls to wear it. Women with magnificent forms, so as not to be considered vulgar, should not wear it. Since the sling draws special attention to the upper body, it is best for the owners of a small bust to decide on the experiment.

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