The Difference Between Webtoon and Manga

by Maisie

Everyone’s youth is filled with distinct and lasting memories, whether it’s reading novels or watching cartoons with friends. It’s likely that some people grew up reading superhero comics while others grew up reading Japanese manga. It doesn’t matter what iteration comics are in; what matters is the content.

However, things have changed as a result of increased accessibility brought about by digitization. Print media is progressively disappearing as a result of this transformation, which makes me sorry to confess it. Additionally, it indicates that webtoons( manhwa )are becoming more and more popular. This has an effect on manga sales. Exactly how do the two differ from one another?


The text of the Japanese manga is printed in black and white and is aligned horizontally. Children who watched anime as children must have read and completed at least one manga.  There are stories in the manga now and then that weren’t in the original series. Usually, manga is more canon than anime. In a summary, it’s one of the ways that people from outside Japan may learn about its culture. They learned Japanese reading techniques via manga.

It may be challenging for devoted fans to keep up with the most recent releases, though, as the majority of manga is still published in print. English scans that are being posted to the Internet will take longer for non-Japanese users. As a result of the uploader’s poor quality, the scans may be hit or miss, prolonging the wait for the following chapter’s high-quality files for devoted English readers.


South Korean digital comics called webtoons are available online for publication. The great majority of webcomics are produced by independent individuals and are freely accessible online. Unlike conventional comics, the panels of a web cartoon scroll from top to bottom. One website contains all of the pages in a particular chapter. There are very few or no title covers for webcomics since they tend to be less text-heavy and more image-focused.

Smartphone users may easily read them thanks to their design because all they need to do is scroll down until they reach the last page. Best webtoons can be viewed on desktops as well as smartphones, so there’s no need to worry about missing any of the action because the writing is too small. It should come as no surprise that this comic style is preferred over traditional manga by so-called “digital natives.”

Despite the fact that one individual’s innovation helps another person advance, we shouldn’t trade one for the other. The content of a comic book is most important, followed by the artwork or any other criterion you may have. Manga covers every subject under the sun, whereas webtoons frequently contain amusing content. Manga covers every topic under the sun, but webtoons frequently have comedy, according to fans of both mediums. Due to the fact that Korean webtoons and Chinese Manhua are intended to be informal reading, the majority of the stories should be simple to follow. It is evident in the artist’s work that manga may cover difficult and complex subjects.

Although there are many options accessible, it is up to the reader to choose what they desire to read. Japanese manga, graphic novels, and superhero comics are no longer the only options. There are now additional possibilities outside superhero comics, graphic novels, and Japanese manga. The webcomic was produced by the technological world. Outside of its own nation, it is progressively gaining recognition. Especially if you often use the internet, there is no harm in giving it a try. 

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