The Dakimakura Products That Are Loved the Most by Customers.

by Maisie

Pillows are an essential part of sleeping and should be used by almost everyone. Your mattress and pillows make a huge difference in how well you sleep. You may either have a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up with aches and pains all over your body, or you can have a lovely and serene night’s sleep, all because of the pillow you slept on.

In this article, I will discuss the most recent phenomenon to hit the pillow market: the meteoric popularity of dakimakura pillows. It will guide you through the finer points of the Dakimakura cushion, making it simple to choose and buy the model most suited to your preferences.

The Dakimakura Pillow is a Japanese decorative pillow.

The dakimakura cushion is an innovative design that has just recently been available to consumers. The popularity of Dakimakura pillows has been rising steadily since their “discovery” in the early 2000s.

Dakimakura pillows have dominated the Japanese pillow industry since the 1990s. This is also gaining rapid traction in American retail.

It is said that the Japanese firm “Cospa” invented the dakimakura cushion. Cospa first offered a cover for body pillows with famous anime characters in the early 1990s and also provides this type of custom body pillow at This pillowcase was made for extra-large pillows. When Japan’s obsession with anime had already gone too far, these pillowcases featuring iconic characters were a hot commodity. The market for dakimakura pillows quickly became flooded with placement, size, and design options.

Dakimakura pillows are often just pillowcases with patterns or anime motifs. It’s a long body cushion, meaning it’s wide enough to fit an adult human body, and it’s printed with an original piece of Japanese animation art known as “anime.” Dakimakura pillows are often just pillowcases disguised as decorative items. The inside pad must be bought separately. The first dakimakura was just pillowcases with an anime design. Nonetheless, several businesses, mainly in the West, have started offering pillowcases that include cushions.

Comparing Body Pillows to Dakimakura Pillows

Although body pillows describe and explain the Dakimakura pillow notion, there is a fundamental difference between these two products. Although their sizes and shapes are sometimes mistaken for identical, the fundamental difference lies in the purposes fulfilled by each object. Dakimakura pillows are used for emotional and mental support, whereas bodily pillows are often employed for the latter.

By “body pillow,” people often mean an orthopedic pillow or another specialized cushion that doctors recommend for extra spinal support. They keep the patient in the proper position while they sleep due to a physical injury or other unique medical condition like pregnancy. For this reason, body pillows are designed to support the body primarily.

However, the Dakimakura pillows are not meant to provide physical assistance to the user. They originated as offshoots of anime programs and have now developed into comfort items comparable to a security blanket or a soft, fluffy comforter that one may relax into after a long day. You won’t find anything like these if you’re looking for a new spin on the classic comforting huge teddy bear at bedtime.

The primary difference between a body pillow and a Dakimakura pillow is the intended use. Still, the two varieties of pillows are not identical in size. No universally accepted size for a body pillow exists. They come in many different possible sizes. But traditionally, you may only pick from these three sizes when buying a Dakimakura pillow:

  • 150x 50 cm
  • 160x 50 cm
  • 100x 35 cm

Dakimakura pillows are designed to be worn to connect to the anime subject they represent. Hence their size is crucial.

Considering the 100, 150, and 160 Centimeter Dakimakura Pillows

The primary reason there is a size difference between standard pillows and dakimakura pillows is to accommodate the growing demand for dakimakura pillows in regions outside Japan. Until recently, a Dakimakura pillow’s length was limited to 160 centimeters. But because of its size, the shipping costs were almost double what they would have for a box with only 150- and 100-centimeter dimensions. Therefore, the size of Dakimakura pillows was lowered to appeal to the “Otaku” culture associated with anime and manga while retaining a cost-effective business strategy.

These two standard sizes of Dakimakura pillows are kept too closely because they appeal to a specific subset of the audience that is like Japanese animation and would want consistency in the collections they amass. This is because, due to their specific nature, fans of Japanese animation are likely to be interested in purchasing these cushions. Not everyone who buys a new Dakimakura-sized inner cushion also buys a new pillow cover. Since Dakimakura is only covered, it seems sensible to standardize on one size.

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