The Best Bong Buying Guide for Novices

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Let’s face it: there are now so many high-quality bongs available that even seasoned buyers and consumers find it difficult to choose. 

For beginners, it may be more harder to choose the ideal bong to fit their particular style.

Any questions you may have regarding selecting a bong for a novice, such as concerning materials or different bong sizes, are welcome. 

For the whole bong buying guide, with advice, strategies, and principles, keep reading.

Top 3 Bong Purchasing Advice

Don’t make the error of buying a bong just for aesthetic reasons. Although the style is appealing, it may not be a suitable fit for your particular schedule or habits. 

Read our top four tips for first-time bong purchasers before wasting your money.

Choose the Right Size and Best Type of Bong

The first step is to choose smoke shops wholesaler for bong size that is “just right” for you, exactly like Goldilocks and the three bears. 

Three sizes of basic bongs are generally offered: small (or tiny), medium, and enormous. 

It’s important to comprehend the features, benefits, and drawbacks of different bong sizes even if you can’t try them out for yourself.

Let’s break down these sizes so that you may choose the one that is best for you.

Less than 10″ in length, small or tiny bongs are portable and light for discreet use. However, as there is less space for air filtration and flow, little bong hits are harsher. In general, these things are simple to keep and clean.

The finest of both worlds are combined in medium bongs. They are big enough to hold bong rip enhancements like percolators, ice catchers, and more, but small enough to hide if required. Typically, medium bongs range in size from 10 to 14″.

Do you like seeing a good smoke show? 

The best bongs are those that are 14″ or larger. These bong sizes often come equipped with the greatest number of devices and percolators to swirl, bubble, and infuse smoke for a more opulent experience. 

They’re ideal for persons who remain close to their base of operations since they can’t go too far without being seen. 

After each use, it’s a good idea to keep your big pieces of glass since larger pieces of glass are more difficult to clean.

Bowl and joint sizes will differ from piece to piece, so keep that in mind as well when thinking about sizes. Each bong for a certain kind of joint will be identified by its size and gender (10 mm, 14 mm, etc.). 

You will need male joints if you have a female bong, and female joints if you have a male bong.

To suit your smoking habits or the amount of people you smoke with, joints include detachable bowls in a range of sizes.

Choose a Bong Made of the Best Materials.

Do you often trip and break glass bowls? Are you searching for the purest, tastiest hits? Are you looking for the greatest beginner bong at a good price? When comparing bongs and their varied materials, you could have questions like these.

In addition to the traditional glass bongs, there are also acrylic, silicone, and ceramic bongs. To assist you in choosing the best bong material for your requirements, here is how they differ.

Glass bongs are the most well-liked among both beginners and experts since they have been tried and true. With one excellent glass bong, you can change the size of your bowl, dab from flower to extracts, add ice, filter hits, and more. 

They come in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, prices, and shapes. The most glaring drawback of the group is that glass bongs are the most easily shattered and do not travel well.

Acrylic bongs are the most affordable and long-lasting of the available options. Another benefit is that acrylic bongs are often superbly made and bursting with vivid colors. 

The least effective substance for improving flavor is acrylic.

Silicone is becoming more popular as a material for dab rigs and beginner bongs. When required, silicone is much simpler to carry and nearly impossible to break. 

The material is perfect for beginners since it is also very simple to clean.

Ceramic bongs are second only to glass bongs in terms of flavor delivery and are quite durable. Since ceramic bongs have been around for more than a century, both cannabis enthusiasts and veterans like using them. 

Ceramic is excellent for high temperatures, yet if dropped, it might still shatter like glass. 

It is also crucial to buy ceramic products that have been glazed on both the inside and the outside since glaze is liquified glass that hardens to produce a protective coating that is safe for inhalation.

Choose the Right Bong for Your Needs

Last but not least, the kind of beginning bong you choose should be influenced by your particular tastes. 

For instance, a premium glass bong should be versatile and durable enough to handle repeated use if you’re a frequent user. 

A smaller bong could be enough if you often smoke joints or blunts since it serves as a bubbler for your paper.

The best basic bong for you can be made of a more durable material if you often travel and need to move your bong.

A ceramic or eye-catching tower of glass bong may appeal to you if you’re a developing bong collector who doesn’t care how much money you spend on the baddest collection.

In general, finding a smoke shop wholesale with them all is preferred. In order to keep your routines going smoothly, you may compare bongs and shop for extra necessities and accessories.

The Verdict on Getting a Bong

Now that you’ve studied the basics of buying a bong, you’re more equipped to choose the best one for your needs. 

Of course, the cannabis industry is always expanding with new and better methods for enhancing our experiences. 

Think of an automated subscription package that is both entertaining and useful for getting up to speed on new releases.

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