The Ageless Body: Use Exercise To Get It And Maintain It

by Maisie

Many people feel the flab creeping up on them after 40. This is a natural process since bodies tend to lose their muscle tone with the passage of time. Of course, the more muscle we lose, the more fat we accumulate in its place. Worst of all, exercise doesn’t work as well as it did when we were in our teens and twenties.

Many people think it is all downhill from there and don’t even try to maintain a healthy balance. As a result, they throw in the proverbial white towel, cease to both exercise, and partake in a healthy diet. This, of course, leads to a steady worsening of their situation. In time, excess weight leads to a host of chronic conditions including diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure, and sagging arms, and cellulite on the thighs and hips. However, you may rest assured that it does not have to be this way at all. Not if you follow a few simple tips that will help you gain an ageless body.

  • Exercise is absolutely crucial

The key goal to understand here is that the lesser your move the worse will your body get. Obesity amongst middle-aged people has assumed almost pandemic proportions, all over the world. This has a lot to do with our sedentary lifestyle. We go to work every day and spend the working day sitting in an office only to come back home and gorge on a bucket of fried chicken while watching the super bowl in an armchair. Is it any wonder that our bodies start to age prematurely? Here exercise can play a vital part in keeping your body ageless. If you conduct a daily exercise regimen that includes both cardio and weight lifting exercises as well as exercises that target your biceps, glutes, and tummy you will see rapid improvement very soon.

  • Go ahead, skip a meal

It is ok to skip a meal every now and then. You are not a growing child who needs his or her nutrition. If you skip breakfast and have brunch, it’s all well and good. As long as you get the required level of nutrition you don’t need to eat every meal, every day. You can get the necessary ingredients like vitamin C through sugar-free gummies as well. However, if you are not feeling hungry enough to chomp down a full three-course meal at a certain time of day, by all means, refrain from doing so.

  • Feel full longer than ever before

In order to remain satiated long after every meal you have to eat plenty of protein. It would be best to restrict carbs to only one meal a day and even those should be from the whole grains group. It won’t be that bad an option since proteins tend to fill you up a lot better than carbs.

  • Say yes to fresh fruits and healthy fats

Fresh fruits are usually full of all kinds of fiber as well as healthy nutrients. In the right quantities, they can easily add a bit of pizzazz to just about any tasty meal. It would be ideal if you partake of a whole range of healthy fats and fruits to keep your body from aging rapidly.

  • There is no need to fuel your workouts

Many people have this idea that it is always necessary to go and eat before they commence a demanding workout. This misconception has spurred an entire cottage industry of sports drinks and energy bars. You don’t really need any of those. A simple home-cooked meal will easily suffice for an hour’s workout.

  • Moderation is the key

Always remember that Rome was not built in a day and much the same goes for your body as well. As you age, your stamina may be less than that of a teenager. You have to keep your limitations in mind and work out moderately.

  • Build a home gym

You might consider building a home gym with all of the essential equipment including dumbbells, a treadmill and rowing machines so you will be able to work out at home.

  • Conclusion

It is possible to acquire an ageless body with the help of exercise and moderate eating habits. You can also do the needful, by following the above tips. Good Luck.

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