Technology that could upgrade your home

by Maisie

In this day in age, there seems to be technology out there that can help you with anything and everything. There really isn’t much out there that technology can’t do, implementing it into your home to make your day-to-day life easier is a smart move. Technology can help you with your health, comfort, security, budgeting, and much more. We thought we would list some of our favourite technology that could upgrade your home, our list would be far too long if we mentioned everything, technology is just that useful. A lot of things that people thought were never possible just 20 years ago have now become a normal part of our everyday lives, now that we are so used to the benefits, it would be almost impossible to go without openculture.


Security is a massive factor that needs to be accounted for. You may feel as though you might not get any entertainment out of technology like this which can make you want to spend your money on other things, but we would be here all day listing all of the reasons why something such as CCTV is such an important addition to your home. If you are buying a lot of cool technology for your home, then it’s pretty realistic to assume that because of this your home could be a big target for any criminals looking for a house that’s worth breaking into. A lot of people make the mistake of waiting until something goes wrong, or there have been break-ins in their area, to consider having CCTV installed. Although, we can assure you that you are much better off staying ahead of the curb and getting CCTV installed before you are given a reason to. It can’t hurt to be prepared. The benefits of CCTV are obvious, if you overlook the dangers of ignoring security it could cost you massively. Therefore it’s up there with the most important technology that could upgrade your home.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers are becoming more of an essential part of our homes every day. People who are used to having their smart speaker use it every single day for a range of purposes. Smart speakers such as google home and Alexa have a voice-controlled AI system that you can actually have conversations with! They are updated constantly and can answer any question you ask accurately (most of the time). The speaker itself can be very useful, having some music playing in your home creates a really nice and cosy ambience which can help you relax. Say goodbye to having to scroll through your phone to find music or searching up songs, because with a smart speaker you can simply ask it to play a song and it will start instantly. These speakers can be pretty cheap too, although you will need a connection to the internet to set them up.

A games console

Games consoles can do a lot of things, they are more or less the ultimate entertainment system. If you live with other people, then we can guarantee that this is up there with the best technology that could upgrade your home! Everyone will make use of a games console. You don’t have to just play video games, with access to a wide range of apps you can do much more. You can use your Spotify account to listen to music, talk to friends, watch movies, and even surf the internet! A new generation console could seem pricey, we would only recommend buying the console if you are going to be playing video games. If you aren’t all too into gaming, then why not head out and buy a cheap old gen console? They still work very well, there’s a range of older fan favourite video games you can play too which can be just as fun as the new ones! If you want to enhance your gaming experience then having your TV mounted to the wall could make you feel more immersed than ever! Click here for TV wall mounting services.

Smart LED lighting

LED lights are a brilliant little addition to your home, they can do a great job at creating a good atmosphere in your home. Smart LED lights allow you to control the lights in your room all from the click of a button on your phone, and there is a range of options that make for good personalization. Whatever your favourite colour is, can now be the colour of your room! Say goodbye to those dim and gloomy light bulbs and introduce some modern LED lighting into your home, it’s one of the best types of technology that could upgrade your home. Why not head down to a local store and get some smart LED lights citizennews?

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