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Most students get confused after class 10th regarding what to opt. The single decision taken during the admission of the 11th class affects their future. Many students choose the wrong subject and then drop years or continue with that only. You should be aware of your dream and passion that you want to follow in your future. Take your time before making a decision and don’t come under pressure. Your decision will define your future and what you want in your life. Most of the students who are good in studies prefer to take medical or non-medical courses. 

The time has changed, now people give equal importance to commerce and arts like medical or other courses. Many toppers opt for arts in their 11th class if their passion is to serve the nation. Many opt for medical and serve the nation by becoming successful doctors in the future. Students who want to become doctors pursue medicine after 10th class. They start preparing for the entrance exam after the 10th class. The main subject that includes the study of medicine is biology. You have to go through each subject thoroughly to clear the entrance exam for medicine. You can purchase CLASS 11TH BIOLOGY NCERT BOOK for further reference. Let’s have a deep look at the syllabus of class 11th which is covered under biology. 

  • The whole biology syllabus is covered under two sections: theory and practical. You have to perform your practical on your own during the practical exam and complete your lab notebooks. A lot of students find practical as an interesting part as they can examine the things live and with their own. You can’t cram and give your exam, understanding every section is crucial. 

Let’s take a deep look into the syllabus covered under the theory section of class 11th biology. 

  • The whole theory section of class 11th biology divided into five parts. You have to study each part that you can solve every question. The first part is the basics that include diversity in the living world. Under this part, you will study biodiversity, what is living in scientific terms. It furthers the explanation of three domains of life. You need to cover the top five-kingdom classification and salient features and classifications of other categories. Living diversity includes both plants and animals. So, in this part, you will study groups of both plants and animals.
  • The structural organization of animals and plants is discussed in the second half of the theory. You will conduct in-depth scientific research on various plant sections. Every part of the plant is thoroughly examined, and you will examine the many sections of flowering plants. You’ll research various animal tissues and the functions of various insect systems. The third section delves into the intricacies of cells and cell structure. You’ll learn everything there is to know about cells, as well as every topic related to them. This section also includes plant cells.
  • Now, let’s take a look at the fourth section of the theory. This section includes plant physiology. You will study deep into plants starting from minute things till everything. The main topics covered under this are:
    • Transport in plants: This includes everything that is being transported in plants. You will study each detail minutely to get proper detail.
    • Photosynthesis: This is the process through which plants make food. 
    • Respiration:- Everything that is related to respiration.
    • Plant Growth and development: The development of plants is crucial and you will study how it is done in scientific terms. 
  • The last theory includes human physiology. You will study different aspects of humans from their digestion and absorption to the endocrine system, neural control, and many more. This covers every single detail related to the human body. You will get to know a lot of interesting facts through this topic. 

This is the basic theory syllabus that is covered in class 11th biology. Now, let’s have a look at the practical part of biology. You will be given different experiments under this and have to perform them.

  • Every experiment is based on the theory part that you have studied. You have to perform these tasks or explain them in your class with your team. It’s difficult to pull off the practical with accuracy. You should study your theory part properly for a better understanding of practicals. 
  • You have to study and observe the few things that are crucial in biology. You should study tissues and different shapes and sizes of animal and plant cells. The human skeleton is the main part of the body and the study of the human skeleton along with its joints needs to be observed. 

It is the crux of the syllabus covered in class 11th biology. You can learn NCERT CLASS 11TH BIOLOGY CHAPTER with a detailed study. You can further refer to Infinity Learn which helps you in your studies and score better. It’s an online platform and helps you in your studies. 

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