Stunning Chokers You Can Wear At Your Cousin’s Wedding At Home!

by Maisie

Chokers are such a versatile piece of jewellery, you can wear it stand alone or you can layer it up with mid length haar. You can wear it with a salwar suit or a lehenga or a saari, or even pair it with indo-western dress for that grunge ethnic vibe! You can make any light outfit to create a separate look. Chokers can be of any material, gold, silver, kundan, pearl, american diamond etc. and if you have a great jawline choker will definitely accentuate it. Every bridal trousseau should definitely have a choker, it is the classic statement accessory to enhance one’s overall aesthetic. Choker is also a classic must have in bridal jewellery set!

If you are a bridesmaid and you have your favorite cousin’s wedding to attend, we got your back with some stunning choker pieces that you can wear based on what you plan to wear. Since a choker can look great with any traditional or western outfit, you can definitely rest assured that you’d look like a goddess. Here are our top picks to rent wedding jewellery.

  1. Pearl choker: If you are planning to wear white in your cousin’s wedding, a pearl bridal choker set can help. Pearls add an old world charm to the traditional look. When you wear choker set with maharaani haar it will give you a bridal look but without that any pearl choker set can be worn by anyone attending a traditional event. Pearl can be stitched together with colourful gems for adding more vibrance and grace to the entire outfit. Pearls will also look heavenly with a low cut designer salwar suit piece or a lehanga. It will add an extra coat of elegance to your entire look.
  2. Temple bridal choker set: Choker sets with temple design add a hint of tradition and the designs are so unique that it will surely make your head turn. Temple designs originated from South India, but now are taking the entire country by storm. They are an instant hint among all. You wear it with a kanjeevaram saree, and the poise will make everyone shower you with complements. Temple design choker sets are mainly made of gold, hence banarasi or kanjeevaram style will suit them the best. 
  3. Navratan studded bridal necklace set: Navratan jewellery sets are made of 9 exquisite gems in the backdrop of gold or kundan. In case you don’t want to wear something too heavy, and want to keep it simple you can still glamorise it with this navratan choker set. Pair it with a nice sheesh patti and you are all set to rock your favourite cousin’s wedding night, and that too effortlessly. This navratan choker set looks quite pretty with a simple white crop top and palazzo set. 
  4. Kundan choker set: Kundan jewellery is a testament of Indian tradition and master craftsmanship. Kundan jewellery is made by filling gold plated bezels with mirrors. This makes kundan jewellery shine brighter and look quite grand. If you are planning to go full traditional, kundan should be your go to pick. Kundan choker sets come in many modern designs as well now. Pair it with a low cut blouse and mathapatti, to make head turns. Even the bride could get jealous with all the complements that you’d be receiving! 
  5. Polki choker set: Polki sets are made in the similar fashion as kundan jewellery, but instead of filling gold plated bezels with uncut diamonds. Uncut diamonds add rawness to the entire design. Polki design has become quite famous these days, and so relevant these days.The raw and unruly polki ends up adding a lot of poise to your overall outfit. Wear it with a crop top and long skirt or sharara set. Polki comes in different colours as well so you can pair them with any outfit!
  6. American diamond: In case you want to go indo western and look chic at your cousin’s wedding american diamond can be a very glitzy pick for you. They can add instant glamour to your cool chic look for the wedding. You can get these american diamond choker sets online, they make up for one of the best artificial jewellery for a bride if you are looking for a much more calm and subtle look.

Whether you go for a kundan or polki choker set, all of them come at a hefty cost if you are looking for quality and superior designs. But you might not wear them again for a very long time as these are heavy. You will only wear them during festivals or a traditional event like a wedding. So it is not the best choice to buy jewellery. One can opt for renting these. When you rent jewellery online, you get to select the best of quality designer pieces that too at affordable prices. One such online store is Rent n Flaunt which is an online rental platform for high end designer jewellery! They also offer free delivery and pick-up, and have professional stylists on board to help you pick the best of jewels. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid or bride tribe they have something for everyone. From nath to maangtika to hathphool, chokers and maharaani haar, they have a variety of collections! In case there’s a wedding in your family I recommend you to check Rent N Flaunt at

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