Stainless steel restaurant carts: essential components for smooth operation

by Maisie

An inexperienced newcomer in the food-service business often gets lost and really confused when it comes to purchasing catering equipment, such as mobile tables, shelving kits, or restaurant carts. And there is nothing surprising in this fact. Currently, the equipment for bars, cafes, and restaurants is presented in a very vast range and includes not only all the necessary equipment for organizing the continuous operation of the kitchen, but also extra accessories and pivotal additions, for example, wall shelves. Before selecting and purchasing equipment, such as stainless steel work carts, sinks, and shelving, it is imperative to be able to spot which models and solutions will meet your practical and ergonomic needs.

Also, it is advised to plan every spot and working zone in advance, and after exploring the range of available options, which can include production metal tables, stainless steel restaurant carts, cabinets, cooling racks, and dryers, arrange everything smartly. The basis of the metal equipment is first-rate stainless steel, which is easy to wash to keep harmful elements away, it is durable and hygienic. Professional kitchen equipment should be chosen depending on the format of the establishment, and its quantity — on the size of the area. Some components are much more relevant, and without them, it will be difficult to rationally use free space in the kitchen and also to facilitate the work of cooks. And one of them is a stainless steel work cart. Let’s take a look at why it is pivotal.

Reasons to invest in restaurant carts

A cart, produced of stainless steel, significantly simplifies work, which means increased productivity of staff in professional spaces. A 2-tier serving cart made of steel is usually used for transporting food and ready meals, and clean and dirty dishes. It is an indispensable attribute of equipping professional kitchens in catering establishments. It can also be used in hotels or medical institutions. When you need to take a lot of dishes to the kitchen or deliver ordered dinners to guests in their rooms, a serving cart will significantly reduce the effort and time required to complete the task.

Quality stainless steel restaurant carts remain maneuverable even when fully loaded and maintain excellent stability as they transport food, beverages, as well as crockery. Cart models offered by AmGoodSupply meet all the requirements of high-class hotels, restaurants, and catering establishments. In order to opt for the best option, one must consider the prime features of the products and take into account a number of factors:

  • weight capacity;
  • how many tiers are needed for added functionality;
  • the durability of manufacturing material and metal thickness;
  • type of casters and their diameter;
  • safety and ergonomics.

The greater the thickness of the material from which the serving cart is composed, the more resistant to deterioration and deformation it will be. Certified stainless steel is the optimal material for professional kitchen equipment, as it complies with hygienic norms and standards. Stainless steel is also impervious to all negative external factors, including the influence of moisture, aggressive chemicals, and the effects of steam. The serving cart demonstrates a long service life if simple rules for operation and care of the product are observed.

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