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Stephen Shaw is California’s premier Body-Mind-Spirit Life Coach with a roster of A-list and celebrity clients. He specializes in transforming clients’ lives through highest-level spiritual teachings and by eliciting ecstatic mystical-tantric-awakening states. He is also a Globally Renowned Mystic, Spiritual Life Coach, Shaman, Tantra Master, and author of 12 bestselling, spiritual self-help books. He has been seen on KTNV Las Vegas, NBC Palm Springs, multiple radio shows, podcasts, magazines, and blogs. His books offer teachings, guidance and tools to increase fulfillment, peace, joy, and to stimulate spiritual awakening. Find out more about Stephen Shaw’s story by visiting his website at https://www.i-am-stephen-shaw.com

As a Spiritual Life Coach and an expert on the mystical spiritual centers known as chakras, Stephen is able to create awesome change in clients. As a Body-Mind-Spirit Life Coach, he transmits profound knowledge, secrets, techniques and tools to transform every aspect of life. Stephen also does Shamanic Journeys at a client’s home (which generates insights, growth, healing and transcendence), and Psychic Readings of the client’s soul and chakras. Stephen is able to access the subconscious and superconscious minds to heal issues, anxieties, painful memories and past-life traumas. As a Shaman and Clairvoyant, he can see and move in other worlds, and clear a client’s home and energy field of negative energy or entities. As a Tantra Master, he can clear, heal and upgrade the vibration of chakras, resulting in profound self-love, bliss, peace, transcendence and ecstatic Kundalini states. Visit his Chakra Shaman webpage to learn more: https://www.i-am-stephen-shaw.com/chakra-shamanism

A Spiritual Life Coach helps you learn to trust your intuition, and release yourself from unhealthy beliefs and harmful behaviors, and move forward into a highly functional, fulfilling, successful life. Stephen is an expert in health, nutrition, exercise, manifesting your dreams, learning to do what you love for a living, discovering who you truly are, immersing into self-acceptance and deep self-love, creating and enjoying profound spiritual romantic relationships, and finding bliss, peace and joy in daily living.

For those who prefer to read a book instead of experiencing one-to-one life coaching, Stephen highly recommends Heart Song: Heart Song is a powerful self-transformation book that teaches you how to manifest your dreams. Discover the power of self belief and real inner confidence. Find your unique magic: skills, passions and types of intelligence. Learn to do what you love for a living. Absorb the spiritual laws of success and shift into deep fulfillment. Embrace profound self love, fulfilling romantic relationships and joyful living. Transform your life with advanced knowledge, secrets and tools. For the optimal experience, read Stephen’s books Heart Song, They Walk Among Us and Divine Love together and create radical self-transformation, then proceed to the rest of his 12 spiritual self-help and personal growth books.

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