Some Interesting Facts About Cars

by Maisie

Managing the financial consequences of an unforeseen road or driving event can be easy sometimes. However, at other times, it can be overwhelming. Being financially prepared right from the beginning can help car owners come to grips with unanticipated vehicle expenses. Car insurance can help them with just that.

Also, vehicle owners must know that an extended warranty insurance policy provides broader coverage, including vehicle damage or loss due to accidents, vandalism, extreme weather, fire, theft, attempted theft, etc. While other lower car insurance policies provide basic coverage, comprehensive policies can offer an umbrella of benefits.

Search for various car insurance policies online, then request and compare quotes to sign up for the most suitable policy. In the meantime, read some interesting and unknown facts about cars.

  • The first cars did not have steering wheels. They were operated by a lever.It had a design and functioning like that of a joystick.
  • Porsche’s first car was electric
  • Toyota Is The Largest Car Manufacturer In The World
  • The automobile is the most recycled consumer product in the world.
  • Whale oil was used in some car transmissions until 1973
  • Ferrari manufactures a maximum of 14 cars a day.
  • The Most Common Car Color Is White And The Least Popular Car Color Is Purple
  • The man who invented cruise control was blind
  • Antilock Brakes Were Invented Over 50 Years Ago
  • Only 18% of Americans know how to drive a stick shift
  • The best-selling car of all time is the Toyota Corolla.
  • Cars Are Made Up Of Approximately 30,000 Parts
  • The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in 1902 How fast was the offending motorist traveling? A scandalous 45mph.
  • 1 billion cars are currently in use around the world. Compared to the world’s population, that’s around one car for every seven people on Earth. Amazing.
  • 75% of all cars produced by Rolls Royce are still on the road
  • The world record for removing and replacing a car engine is 42 seconds
  • The world’s first automobile was developed by Carl Benz in 1885. The top speed of the motor car was 16 km per hour. It had a one cylinder four-stroke engine installed horizontally on a specifically designed chassis. It was known as the Benz Patent Motorwagen.
  • Almost 65% of the world’s population drives on the right side of the road.
  • In 2017, Tesla became the world’s second most valuable car company
  • There are more cars than people in Los Angeles.
  • Benz and Mercedes were competitors until 1920. When these companies merged, the newly formed company started selling cars under the brand name ‘Mercedes-Benz’.
  • Austin Maestro was one of the first cars to produce a car with a talking digital dash.

Extended warranty insurance aids vehicle owners who may have to deal with car collisions, high-impact incidents, and other adverse situations on and off the road. The troubles they can face in such cases range from seeking roadside assistance, vehicle towing services, and alternative transport to getting their car repaired by technicians.

Car insurance can help vehicle owners manage the aftermath of unexpected road scenarios. However, they must know not all vehicle insurance policies are made equal. The comprehensive car insurance policy can cover a vehicle for broad-ranging events.

In contrast, other lower vehicle insurance plans like third-party property damage and third-party fire and theft offer limited benefits. Therefore, with a bit of shopping around, vehicle owners can choose a car insurance plan that best suits their vehicle usage, needs, and budget.

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