Singapore: A Hub For Team Bonding

by Maisie

It’s a famous saying ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’ The strength of an individual is increased when he has the backing of the team. Team building is basically the method of making an associated and durable group by uniting individuals to encourage solid connections. This is critical to organizations since it further develops correspondence, efficiency, and execution — bringing about superior organizational culture and upgrading worker commitment, eventually prodding the organization’s development to progress. Even Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

The following is a list of team building activities in Singapore you may enjoy with your colleagues.

1. River Rafting

River rafting is known to the world since antiquity. People in the early centuries used the raft to sail across the water. But in recent times it has developed into an entertainment activity in Singapore. At present time the rafting challenge is the ideal team-bonding activity in many parts of the world including Singapore as colleagues need to convey and cooperate to continually fabricate a pontoon. 

Above all, groups would need to utilize this pontoon to cruise across the waters, making it much more seriously invigorating. The water currents are flighty, unpredictable, and always showing signs of change, and that implies that the teams would need to impart much more coordination and cooperation to organize their movements. 

2. Magic Cane/ Helium Stick

A straightforward, yet baffling activity, Magic Cane or Helium Stick expects groups to bring down a lightweight stick to the ground utilizing just their index finger. In the first place, the group structures two lines and faces one another. They then, at that point, hold their arms out with their forefingers in front with the stick put on top of them. Encourage the gathering to adjust their finger levels until the stick stands evenly, then, at that point, lower it down. They’ll likely raise and drop it first, however, they’ll get the knack out of it. Remember that all feet need to stay on the ground. Squeezing or grabbing isn’t permitted to get the stick. The movement urges colleagues to perceive that every last one of them is required for the group to succeed.

3. Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling too is a very ancient game but is still prevalent in many South and South Asian countries including Singapore. The participants are first required to take an arm wrestling position. They can either remain on the floor or at a table. Whenever they nail down their accomplice’s arm, they win a point. The objective is to acquire as many points as possible before the time goes out – normally 10 seconds. What is noticeable in this game is that people are very much inclined toward competition and wrestling arms with each other, as opposed to cooperating and winning points for both teams. This game is for all age groups and what is more admirable is that the prize money is also set for this game.

4. Blind Formation

The blind formation also known as the square formation is one of the most loved games in Singapore. In this game, the individuals are grouped into several teams and are then blindfolded. Each of them is tied with a rope connected to the other. Their undertaking is to shape an ideal square together. Whenever they’re finished, they can remove their blindfolds and see what figure they have made. If they have not achieved the desired result and time is left, allow them a second opportunity to improve. You can likewise expand the trouble by quieting an irregular member or changing the shape (a star or a square for instance). The test requests an expanded degree of coordinated effort and trust since the individual who is quieted needs to depend on something different other than sight and verbal correspondence to play out their work. Thus this increases team bonding and better understanding between the team members.

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