Should You Use a Web Crawler?

by Maisie

As technology continues to develop and numerous companies go exclusively online, new tools and strategies are becoming popular among online businesses that want to progress and evolve. One of these strategies is web crawling, which allows companies to research and index various information found online.

However, many people running a business wonder whether web crawling is the right solution for their situation. If you’re also curious about whether you should use a web crawler or not, make sure to check out this article.

What is a web crawler?

If you’re not familiar with this topic, you might wonder – what is a web crawler? A web crawler is a software program that downloads and indexes specific content from all over the internet. Because these tools automatically access websites and obtain their data, they’re also called web spiders or search engine bots.

The role of web crawlers is to crawl the internet based on a specific search query and a provided set of URLs. After the initial pages are crawled, the program continues to follow hyperlinks and visit those websites. However, to do this effectively, web crawlers have several distinctive features:

  • Prioritizing websites: Crawling the entire internet is next to impossible. That’s why web crawlers prioritize certain websites over others. If a website gets a lot of backlinks and page visitors, it’s likely to contain valuable and credible information. Naturally, these websites are prioritized.
  • Revisiting websites: Web content is regularly being moved, updated, or changed in any other way. So, web crawlers must revisit these websites to download the latest information and ensure the indexing is up to date.
  • Using robots.txt: The robots.txt protocol determines which web pages a web crawler can visit. Therefore, all web crawlers check the robots.txt file before crawling a website to access the allowed web pages.Visit The Sites marburn and wink more information ourtime

How companies use them

Companies implement web crawling for all kinds of activities, but here are some key use cases.

Keeping up with the industry trends

Staying on top of all the latest industry trends isn’t simple at all, especially with the newest technological advancements that can be visible across various industries. However, web crawling allows companies to stay informed and catch up with all the latest developments.

Keeping tabs on rival companies

Businesses need to follow their rivals to remain successful at all times, especially if they’re in a highly competitive industry. From marketing strategies to their pricing, keeping tabs on all competitor features is essential to deliver better results time and time again.

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Providing competitive prices

Web crawling lets businesses gain insight into the pricing of their competitors, which solves all their pricing difficulties. With these insights, business owners can quickly provide competitive prices that’ll generate more leads.

Generating leads

Learning about one’s target audience and customer behavior can launch businesses into new heights. That’s what web crawlers are often used for since lead generation is guaranteed with competitive pricing and customer analysis.

Challenges and solutions for using crawlers

Nevertheless, web crawlers face some challenges as well. Luckily, there’s a solution for all of them.

Different website structures

Every website is a unique internet page that comes with a specific structure. Since the internet isn’t a space with standardized or uniform data formats, the dynamic and frequent changes are often challenging to software programs such as web crawlers.

However, setting up several web crawlers for specific web structures might be helpful to increase efficiency and collect as much data from the internet as possible.

Frequent updates and changes

Some websites, including blogger platforms and news agencies, upload new content daily or even hourly. That’s why web crawlers have to frequently revisit websites, putting unnecessary pressure on bandwidth and internet traffic.

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Instead, implementing a web crawling tool that’ll select these sources and target them for frequent revisits can easily keep you updated at any moment without requiring the entire bandwidth to do so.

The popularity of anti-scraping tools

Not everyone is happy about web crawlers obtaining valuable information from the internet, which is why numerous anti-scraping tools rose in popularity. Although initially created for scrapers, these tools can detect some crawlers too.

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However, by choosing the latest web crawling solutions or practicing crawling on smaller scales, you’ll be able to get around these obstacles without challenges.


Now that you k have the answer to the question “what is a web crawler?” and know what it’s used for, it’s safe to say that these advanced software programs can offer all kinds of benefits.

From staying up-to-date with the newest industry trends and your competitors to learning everything you need to know about your customers, web crawlers are truly an essential part of your business you need to invest in. It’ll allow your brand to grow and reach new heights in record time. To gain a deeper understanding of the concept of what is a web crawler, see this blog.

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