Scorpio Season Is Right Around the Corner

by Maisie

As summer heats up, passionate Scorpios feel right at home leading into their namesake season. From October 23rd to November 21st, the sun will be in Scorpio, bringing intense emotion and passion to the world. If you were born within those dates, you’re a Scorpio and in good company. Check out your scorpio horoscope tomorrow for guidance and information about your sun sign.

Clairvoyant and Intuitive

All water signs are known to be perceptive, but introverted and observant Scorpio is a cut above the rest. Your intuition will be at its peak in Scorpio season, so listen to your gut when making big decisions.

Did you know that Scorpio is often regarded as the most psychically attuned sign? You may be able to tap into the universe, but even experts can use some help when looking into their own futures. Seeking out psychic readings for Scorpio can hone your legendary intuition to an even sharper point.

Dark and Passionate

Your namesake, the scorpion, communicates a lot about this sign. Many see the stinger first and foremost, but there’s much more to Scorpios than venom. Water brings softness to their energy even though they bear a strong connection to Mars, the god of war.

Scorpios aren’t afraid of a fight, but they are deeply in touch with their emotions as well, making them passionate defenders of their ideals and those they love. This Scorpio season, harness that grounded energy when faced with a challenge, and it will be no match for you.

You may have been told throughout your life that you are “too emotional,” but that is one of Scorpio’s greatest strengths! Keep your feelings in perspective and your goals in mind, but never be ashamed of the intensity of your sign. Passion can be your guiding light this fall.

You’d Never Guess These Celebrities Are Scorpio

Scorpios are known to be introverts, but they can still enjoy the spotlight. Introversion simply means a Scorpio needs alone time at the end of a busy day. Here are some prominent Scorpio celebrities:

  • Winona Ryder is the poster child for Scorpio women everywhere, from her iconic ghost-whispering goth teen in “Beetlejuice” to her inspired turn as a mother-slash-paranormal-investigator in “Stranger Things.” Notice that her characters often have supernatural intuition and stand up passionately for what is right.
  • Rachel McAdams is, surprisingly, a Scorpio as well. She brings the sign’s depth of feeling to her romantic lead roles, and of course, Regina George was all stinger.
  • RuPaul is a Scorpio you wouldn’t expect. The glamorous drag icon has a history of going against the grain and engaging with counterculture, which is classic Scorpio. Scorpios also have unlimited wells of creativity to tap into.

Scorpios Have Power Under Their Shell

As one of the most complicated water signs, Scorpios have dimensions others have trouble detecting. Killer instincts and the capacity for real personal reflection serve Scorpios well as they navigate the world. To make the most of your many talents as the sun enters your domain, check out your Scorpio daily horoscope.

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