Reasons Nose Bridge Piercing Is More Appealing Than Conventional Nose Piercing

by Maisie

Have you been searching for a technique to make yourself noticeable? You can stop looking now; a Nose Bridge Piercing is the solution you’ve been seeking. Bridge piercings are also known as Erl piercings. The procedure involves making a small hole in the bridge of the nose.

The process itself is straightforward. Since the skin surrounding your nose is so delicate, your piercer will need to use an excellent needle to make the initial puncture for your bridge piercing.

If you want a perfectly even piercing, the piercer will clean the area with an antibiotic and draw a line where the needle will go in and out before getting started. Once that’s done, a fake jewelry gauge is put in. The gauge will be proportional to the size of the body part being pierced. When the healing process is complete, you can switch out the barbell for a new one.

Nose Bridge Piercing vs. Septum Piercing

One cannot compare a septum piercing to a bridge piercing. Famous musicians and artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga are often seen wearing them. Septum piercings are trendy, and there is a wide variety of jewelry.

Because it does not penetrate cartilage, a septum piercing will hurt just as much as an ear piercing. Both have a comparable recovery time and set of safety measures. However, the risks of migration and rejection are lower with a septum piercing.

Fake septum rings make it simpler to envision how you would look with a piercing before getting one. You can try on a septum ring to see whether it looks good before getting the real thing pierced, unlike with a nasal bridge. If you change your mind about having a septum piercing, the scar will not be as noticeable as it would be if you had your nose bridge removed. Although septum piercings are trendy, a nose bridge piercing is far more original.

Can You Pull Off a Bridge Piercing?

Determining whether or not to be pierced is an important life choice. Given that you’ll be modifying your appearance permanently, this is an important choice that could affect the rest of your life.

Be confident that getting the piercing is the right choice before going through it. We recommend giving this some serious thought. You can ask your pals what they think, but ultimately, you need to trust your judgment.

It’s possible to construct a makeshift piercing by sticking two bindis to either side of your nose bridge, but this may leave you concerned about how it looks. To get a good sense of how the bindis make you feel and how they affect your appearance, you’ll need to wear them for an extended period. This can help you visualize the piercing before you commit to it.

There’s also the option of using Photoshop to preview how a bridge piercing would look on you before deciding to get one done. Put a barbell tattoo on your face where you want the piercing to be. Apply the effect to several images to understand how it will look in various contexts. This will help you be ready for your piercing and put to rest any concerns you may have had about it not being a good fit.

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