Random number generators and online casinos

by Maisie

What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)? Random number generators are computer programs that give (what seem to be) random results.

RNGs come in different forms. The ones used by casinos are called “pseudo-random number generators.” What makes these different is that they don’t need any numbers or data from the outside world to produce a result. They need an algorithm and a “seed number.”

Every millisecond, a new set of seed numbers and results are generated. This is easy to do by taking the last one or two numbers that came up and using a math operation (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, etc.) to make a new “random” number.

How do online casinos come up with truly random numbers?

Online casinos use PRNGs to make sure that games without dealers have some randomness to them. They can also be used to automatically shuffle decks of cards or do other simple tasks like flipping a coin.

The PRNG system that casinos use is always working, so it is constantly making numbers. These are then turned into different parts of the games right away.

 For example, RNG tools figure out which symbols land on the reels of online slots, which numbered slots the ball falls into in roulette, which hands are dealt in card games, and which numbers are rolled in dice games.

How Slot Machine RNGs Work

For example, let’s look at how this might work if you play slots online. Say there is a casino slot machine with three reels and ten symbols on each reel. The RNG would then give each symbol a value and randomly pick between 1 and 10 for each of the three reels.

This leads to a result of three random symbols that aren’t connected in any way. The slot game will give you your money if they come together to make a winning combination.

This technology is also used in games like jackpot slots and video poker, which are played on machines at land-based casinos. Like online slots, poker, and other digital casino games, the results of these games are decided in the same way.

Are online casinos RNGs fair?

For this reason, you should restrict your gambling activities to legitimate sites like Hellspin. Sites like this are fair since they employ random number generator (RNG) software frequently audited by other parties.

Land-based casinos and their online counterparts can regularly avail themselves of the complete testing and consulting services provided by third parties. This guarantees that players at legal casinos and online gaming sites have a good time and fair play.


If a gambling site is accredited as fair, it means its random number generators (RNGs) are fair. The certification seal, usually at the bottom of almost every page on a gambling site, is an easy way for players to check if the site is safe.

Also, gambling operators can’t change individual machines or games without going through a long process and telling the people in charge of gambling. If a gambling site breaks these rules, it could get a hefty fine or even lose its license.

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