Protect Your Hair With Two Butterfly Braids

by Maisie

A pair of butterfly braids looks stunning and protects the hair from the elements. This hairstyle is easy to create and is also very protective. This style can be completed in under 20 minutes! For this tutorial, you will need a hair extension and some gel. To start the braid, make a triangular part near the hairline and at the left corner of the forehead in itsmyblog. Use a small brush to lay down the edges, swooping the baby hairs forward. Use the hair extension to add length and volume to your locks.


When creating butterfly braids, be sure to use an edge control product. This product is the holy grail of braiding products. It keeps parts laid and edges smooth, while a leave-in conditioner spray helps keep the style smooth and slick. Ama Kwarteng, a former associate beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, offers some tips for creating these hairstyles in surfbook. She says that:

A crochet method is another option to creating these hairstyles. This style is easy to do with non-pre-loc hair. Another great thing about butterfly locs is that they require minimal maintenance in go90. After washing, conditioning, and drying, they should last for at least two months. To maintain their sexy look, keep them moisturized with shine n jam. You can also add a comb to them to keep them in place.

A crocheted version of this hairstyle is a wonderful protective style for a summer day on the beach. This hairstyle looks polished and protects the hair while making it look great. It also turns heads. It will give you a glamorous and polished look and is great for a wedding or an evening event in wordmagazine. The crocheted hair is also a great way to conceal the edges of your locs. If you are a natural black hairstylist, butterfly locs are a great choice for a protective style.

A protective style that’s easy to wear and doesn’t require much maintenance, two butterfly braids will protect your hair from the elements and give it a chic, feminine appearance. Typically, two braids are created on either side of the head, with the braids continuing toward one side. A butterfly braid will last for a few days instead of a day. This style is perfect for any day or special occasion in infoseek. The hairstyles are easy to maintain and look amazing on anyone!

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